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Good Morning All

Dave C

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Dave C here,

i was a member of the old board in late '07 & was DX'd with Adenocarcinoma of the right lung, stageIIa, in June '07.

Surgery was not an option for me, so i began chemo, Taxol/Carboplatin/Avastin in July of '07 & Radiation treatments & Chemo Dec. 20th '07 & ending Jan. 28th '08.

Had my 1st scan post treatment in March of '08 & no tumor was found.

Next scan was in July of '08,again no tumor, & my Onc. started to use the R word, & scheduled a PT/CT scan Dec. '08.

Some swelling in the lymph node was "suspicious" on this scan & another was sched. for March of this year.

No tumor was detected, but the swelling had increased, so i was started on TARCEVA 150mg..

I'm on my 27th day using this drug & had no real side effects until day 21 when moderate acne developed on my nose.

I'm putting AVENO cream on it,& hope it clears by itself.

Other than that, i'm asymptomatic & am enjoying life.

I have the support of my Wife, Betty, & the companionship of our 4 yr. old Bichon,TAI.

My hobbies are travelling,camping, fishing, & i intend to continue these pursuits as long as i'm able.

I gained a lot of info. from members of this board in the past, & am sure i will as i begin round II in this fight.

I wish all of you the very best,

Dave C

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Dave, I'm sorry you had to look us up again, but isn't it nice to know that you have a place to come when you need to!

Many folks here have had a tremendous response with Tarceva so you can find lots of info for dealing with the rash. My mom uses Ucerin and some stuff she got in her into packet. It is over the counter and you can buy it at Walgreens, but for the life of me I can't remember the name. she says it really helps so maybe someone else will be along who will know.

At any rate the Tarceva rash is GOOD. It is correlated with better response so while unpleasant, it is a good sign.


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yes research has proven that the rash is a good thing indicating that the Drug is working but the side effects suck. Deb had pretty good luck with aveeno and the white cap one not the blue as she used to tell em when I went shopping for her!!

and again sorry you have to be here but glad you are hanging in there!!

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