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eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just back from ABC,exercising my lungs,singing hymns with gusto,simple pleasures are always the best.Cloudy bright and warm to-day dont expect to see the sun.The competition I judged yesterday,involved nearly every college in Scotland from the Shetland Isles down to Dunfries.Each college enters the best construction craft student to manufacture a timber artifact and complete it within a 8 hour period,I was one of three judges to identfy the top three,from twenty seven entrants.Briefly-ahem with your patience and indulgence I arrived in Edinburgh 5pm ,checked in Holiday Inn in Leith,had a lovely Italian meal,overlooking the harbour,moored beneath me is the Royal Yaught Brittiania,sun and blue skies scenery beautiful,Edinburgh is really a lovely city.Evening spent with my many colleagues,whom I meet about 4 times a year at seminars etc,suffice to say a few drams were throughout the evening but only for medicinal purposes,got to bed after 3am and back up at 6.30am,Telford College at 8 am,well further education used to be in Scotland the cinderella tier but not any more, this is its new building and it is gynormus,we three judges were left to our task,while our colleagues were taken for a visit to the new Scottish Parliament with 2 Scottish MPs.Had an excellent day,lovely prizegiving ceremony,someone somehow found out it was my birthday (maybe it was the pin I was wearing on my lapel) but I presented with a nice gift of a pen and pencil set.Then some photographs were taken,and home.Perfect day!.

Ned, really interested in your termite tent? story,do they envelope your house in a big bag and fumigate?we dont get termites in the UK mainly anobium punctatum (furniture Beetle) isnt it amazing how the little devils managed to swim across the Pacific just to attack your houses in Hawaii?

Judy hope you have a lovely time with your family at home for mothers day we have the same in Scotland but it is celebrated on March 17th.Hopefully I wont double click to-day.

Donny dont get your prog here ,seems I am missing something good,must write to the BBC get them to import it.

Have a great day everyone.

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Sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday! How interesting to read about the contest, and the location you were at. Very nice. How lovely that they gave you that nice pen set.

I'd tell you about the crazy Michigan weather, but I already wrote about it in Judy in KW entry. You can read my update there!

Have a great day!

Judy in MI

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