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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 66 degrees when I got up this morning. The forecast high for today is 88 degrees, and the wind is supposed to be blowing 30 mph this afternoon, with a chance of storms.

I enjoyed my week off work. I did some fishing and some things around the house. I guess I should have asked for a hall pass. I got out of my routine, and just never did stop by here and post.

I did a 125 mile ride with a couple of friends Saturday, my first long ride since I got shingles three weeks ago. It was nice to start to get back to normal.

I hope everyone had a good week last week. Have a great Monday, all!

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Great to hear Bud, so I assume the shingles have cleared up.

Another grade A here, rainy but calm above freezing so no snow but chilly. Went to a local car show this weekend, not a lot of cars but some very nice quality in the ones there. My favorite was a 2 tone purple 53 Studebaker Commander, really top notch ride. They were so far ahead of their time in their styling. When I was kid I had a stepdad that had a Super Hawk and he always drove way too fast, I shoulda been scared but instead I was just thrilled. Guess I've always had a thrill-seeker personality.

The lilacs and tulips and poppies are starting to bud, out in the yard. Looking like a fair show this year. We don't do anything with them, just let them come in each year and see how they do. We had some beautiful tulips last year. Red, white and purple varigated flowers.

Good day all and stay happy...


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Good morning Bud and Donny! :D Another Manic Monday for me. Bud I thought I was doing good on my 3 mile bike ride yesterday then I read your post and am quite embarrassed :oops: Well I had the most fantastic Mothers day just a "simple" (lol) bike ride and a family game of kickball at the field before dinner with my parents. Got my first sunburn of the year yesterday it was a high of 72 and today the high will be 57 and rainy :cry:

Well hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!

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Donny, I still have a lot of pain from the shingles, but it's slowly becoming less so.

Heidi, bicycle riding distances are definitely relative. When I first started riding, I did 3 1/2 miles and was exhausted. When a co-worker found out I was riding 12 1/2 miles to work, he asked me if I was crazy. Of course, both of those distances are very short to me now. My longest ride has been 390k (243 miles), but I ride with randonneurs who routinely do 600k, 1,000k, and even 1,200k rides. So, as a randonneur, I'm a wuss. It all depends on your own perspective, I guess.

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Morning All! Thanks for starting for me Bud. Can't tell a lie, got sucked into Farmville and forgot. I figured it was too early for all the shingles pain to be gone--need a month and sometimes even a little more. Glad you enjoyed your vaca. We all need some time off and a break in the routine.

Donny, I read outloud your favorite car at the show and my husband gave an approving nod. He said the same thing you did. There style was just ahead of their time. I do remember in NJ and PA and watching for the tulips and other bulb plants coming out. Sometimes the blooms would be out and snow gathered around them. Am sure you've seen that.

Heidi, so glad you had a good Mother's Day. Sounds like the best. But girl, don't forget that sunscreen o.k.

Laurie, wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed our visit and showing off the coach to you. I'm so bad remembering dates but am wondering, will you already be gone in 9 wks when I come back. Wendy and Dom will be with me but we won't have the coach. We may just stay at the large cottage at the KOA instead of a motel. I know exactly where I'm going from there. Anyway, I do remember today is your day for volunteering so hope to "see" you here tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi All!

Had a busy day so just getting here now. Worked at the church office until 3:00 then remembered I had to get home to get the dog to the Vet. His paw was looking rough from the raccoon fight. Got him on anti-biotics, and pain meds, and am hoping all heals well. Then to the chiropractor, then to the pharmacy to pick up meds then home!

Test driving an Acura ZDX car tonight. So excited to check it out. My lease is up in a month, and I'm looking at some really cool cars to be my next ride. Donny, I'm kind of a thrill seeker when it comes to cars too!

Bud, you drive 12 1/2 miles to work on your bike? Yikes! That is just way cool. Very cool that you have the lung capacity to do that too! I do not for sure.

Well, I have not been on Facebook all weekend and probably won't get to it until tomorrow night or Wednesday.

Phew! Busy! Loving it though.

Judy in MI

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Hello All,

I know it's a little late for Monday's Air but it's been another busy day. The weather here is perfect. Mid 80's, breezy and very low humidity.

Hello Crowley, TX. Can't even imagine how you can stay on the road with 30 mph winds-hope they weren't that high this am. So sorry your shingles are still giving you trouble. I was fortunate to have a shingles vaccination last year.

Donny, I'd so love to smell those lilacs-I have such wonderful memories of growing up in Wisconsin and smelling them. I have several gardenia bushes in full bloom right now and they're wonderful too.

Heidi, so glad your Mother's Day was simple and sweet. That's what motherhood is all about.

Judy in KW. Yes Judy, I'll be here until Aug 6th. We'll definitely do something. Drive to the coast or do lunch. I'd love you to come to my house too. By the way, your coach is beautiful. Bill and I always said when we grow up we'll get a pusher. I guess we never got to grow up.

Judy in MI. I see you're a church lady too. I love it. Glad to see your staying busy. It will surely keep you out of trouble (unless you get that sporty new ride, that is)

My Mother's Day was wonderful. Had a houseful of women, family and friends. Champagne brunch........presents....just plain fun.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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