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Sunday's Air


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68 and sunny here in ntx this morning with barely a breeze stirring. The wind chimes in front of the house are silent this morning. After the winds of the last week, they need a break, lol.

I have had to start running the A/C to get rid of the humidity. Although the unit is only about 2 years old, I still cringe when I have to use it as I can just see what it is going to do to the electric bill. All though we have ceiling fans in every room, they can't do too much in the way of getting rid of humidity, so I have to turn on the A/C a couple of times during the day to get rid of it. Although it doesn't run all day and night, I still cringe cause I know it is going to run the bill up.

Ah well, going to try and get ceiling fans clean today, if I can get someone up on the step ladder to get it done. With all this stuff going on in my head I have not been able to look upwards without losing my balance and falling over, so that is one chore that I don't have to do. That and anything the requires turning around rapidly, which makes me lose my balance and fall over. My oldest daughter has told people that I have turned into a Weeble that wobbles, lol. I tell her I can't be a Weeble cause I fall down.

Hope you all have a blessed and stress free day!


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Dawn would a Dehumidifier help any to save power?? Just a thought!

Going to pis_ off the gas and electric by turning off extras this week again as cooler temps are scheduled in NC!!! let mother nature pay the bills this week!! House cleaning today for first time in 2 weeks!! SERIOUS CLEANING!! did minor throughout the week but just spot cleaned and Phew is all i can say today!!

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Randy, good on saving the money, I love having the windows open, the heat off! Have not had to use the AC yet, not here in good old Michigan. It does get very humid here when storms come in off the Big Lake Michigan. Then we'll have to use the A/C. Doesn't it feel good to get cleaning projects done?

Dawn, hope you can find a helper with those fan blades. We don't need you falling off a stool! No wobbling or weebling please!

It's beautiful here, mid 60's, enough sun to warm the inside and open a couple of windows. The fresh air and the birds singing are wonderful. But I'm home bound the last two days. Started with a upset tummy (nausea) and tight chest yesterday. Now I have full congestion in the lungs, and runny nose and headache. so it's been the couch, a good book, and lots of rest. Hitting the vitamins hard, and hoping to nip this in the bud quickly.

Hope the rest of your weekend is awesome!

Judy in MI

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Afternoon All! Oh my, where to start. Weather here still not typical--blustery but still overcast. Where is that tropical sun??!!

Was lurking late Fri too tired to post. Wanted to thank Stephanie for the Scottish link. Wanted to ask Eric what the food was--haggis and "peeps" was it? Didn't have a clue about the haggis, see now it's a fowl. Was surprised I guessed the other--potatoes and turnips. It was a staple at our house at Thanksgiving when I was a kid. The were mashed together tho. I despised them but my aunt always kept some mashed potatoes aside for my cousin and I who did not like turnips.

Heidi, to this older lady your trip to the coast sounds like an exciting but very exhausting day. That's why young not old ladies have small children lol. Glad you all enjoyed it.

Rose had just gotten home from her oncologist visit, where her latest blood test had confirmed that her tumor marker count was falling, and he pronounced her cancer free.
Bud, my regards to Rose. Couldn't be better news. Glad you got her off the hook to pick you up AND stayed dry.

Will try to remember all since I'm responding to late Fri and I missed yesterday altogether. Judy, that husband of yours is a peach. Haven't been on a tractor in decades. Hope your cold is better very soon. Donny somehow I missed the fm post of Ned's. Probably on another forum. Love the resting up for the night's sleep. And Ned, don't you listen to people who say you are not funny--loved the "walking backwards" bit.

Laurie, hope you had a great day at the flea market. Any great steals??? lol

My oldest daughter has told people that I have turned into a Weeble that wobbles, lol. I tell her I can't be a Weeble cause I fall down.
LOL. Seriously Dawn, stay off those ladders.

Randy was reading on fb all you've been doing since the break of dawn today. Are you collapsed yet?

Have a great remainder of the weekend folks.

Judy in KW

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OMG, Judy in MI and I hit "submit" about the same time. I thought I'd lost my whole (very long) post. Thank goodness not. Glad you're having a nice weather day Judy, and again, hope you kick that cold real soon.

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