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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees as I rode to work this morning, Forecast high for this afternoon is 97 degrees. 97 degrees with humidity..... sounds like a lovely afternoon for a ride home.

I thought I was well acclimated to the heat by now, but felt wiped out and had a headache from it yesterday afternoon, so I cut short my tinkering in the garage, showered, and spent the rest of the evening sitting on my backside in the air conditioning.

Welcome back, Ann! Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! Thank you so much Bud for opening the Air so faithfully since I've been gone. Thanks to you also Eric and all the others who have contributed.

Bud, I'm always happy when I hear a "busy bee" finally takes time to rest and recoup especially in this terrible heat. In KW, we went from an unusually long prolonged cool winter to horrifically hot and humid summer. It seemed there was hardly any transition time in between. But then again, don't think there is much preparation for temps in the 90s.

The children left yesterday. I'm not even remotely close to restoring order to my house. But it was so much fun. I enjoy it more if I just let them have pretty much full run of the house and tidy it all back up when they are gone. It was a great visit long overdue since I don't think they've made the trip down in four years. In the interim, Kim's father had lung cancer and ultimately passed away. Just recently, her step-father died after years of illness. The time was right and I think we all had a great time.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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The southern heat sounds horrible. I will try to never complain about the cold. It's 73 here, high predicted of 77. Partly cloudy, and maybe a little rain. Perfect!

Judy, sounds like you had a fab time with family. That is awesome. I'm sure they totally enjoyed it too.

Puppy is delightful but exhausting! I have not had this much exercise in years. So it's good for me. I'm in the yard playing fetch, and running, and just having a lot of fun. I sure can't wait until she learns some of the safety commands though. I worry about her not understanding that when Momma says "come" it's not a game, it could be because she is in danger.

Anyway, having fun with her. Have to take her to the vet today, she came from the kennel with worms, which I guess is common, but grosses me out totally!

Judy in MI

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