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Morning All! 84 in KW. Stan's doing his 2 mi hike so I'm sure he'll let me know when he comes in how accurate he thinks that is.

Sorry I didn't get by yesterday. I'm up to my eyeballs in office work and packing for the six week trip. I also had to go downtown yesterday to do the temp mailing forwarding. That is such a pain and I always remember at the last minute. Wish they'd let you do it online.

Bud, good luck with your bike run today. I think your plan to skip the fishing trip was a wise one. Remember that shingles can be set off by stress and that means physical as well as mental stress. I know, I know, I'm not old enough to be your mother lol.

Judy, sorry about your carpeting. It's hard raising a puppy without a bit of damage. I know, my daughter's been doing it recently.

Have a great day everyone. Have to have tea and get cracking.

Judy in KW

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Been offline for a few days, my sweet lovely wife must have overheard all the talk here about moving offices. My computer is in the bedroom now. LOL Finally summer here 95 predicted today, around 90 the last couple days as well. It's usually cool in the mornings, 50s or even 40s, today it's stating off in the 70s.

Playing tomorrow morning at NicFest. It's a local arts festival that is put on by the Nicolayson Art Museum, lots of artists displaying their art, performing arts shows, and music for 3 days. It is a lot of fun. Hopefully I can hold up for it, at least my timeslot is in the morning so it shouldn't be too hot yet.

I have to say I've been awfully sick again lately and I'm so jealous of all of your activities and energies, but I keep trying to take from them and use the positive energy. I know that attitude takes us a long ways that medicines can't reach. I really do admire everyones "can-do" spirits. Thank you all.

When I looked at the pics of your fish cleaning station Bud, my mind always immediately turns to, "how can we do this even better". Couldn't come up with anything Bud. Great job! Just sitting here typing this today has inspired me to put a little more effort into today. Thank you all again.



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Hey Donny, so good to see you onsite. I'm so happy to hear you are playing this weekend. That's probably your best medicine. And the art fair is just my kind of event. Wish I were there.

My "can do" attitude usually turns to "can't do it" when I get boxed in with packing for a major trip three days after chemo. I am so tired!

Bud, somehow I missed the pic of your cleaning station so now I'll have to go searching for it lol.

Judy in KW

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Hi All,

Happy Saturday. It's hot and humid today. Woke up early, took puppy out to play, and then fed them, and flopped on the bed to play again, and woke up 4 hours later! Wow! Must have needed the sleep. Have to admit that the pain in my back with the fracture is quite severe. The vicodin knocks me out, so I hesitate to take it during the day, hate that tired feeling it gives me. But I'm okay.

Hubby gets home from a fishing trip in 2 hours and the house is a mess, I have not showered yet, and he's just going to have to accept that. Donny, I know what you mean about the activities of so many here. I get tired just reading about it! But it does motivate me to keep trying and never give up.

I love that.

Judy in MI

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Seattle sunless summer morning. I'm sure the Rock N Roll marathon runners were happy with that - they started at 7 am this morning and should have been close to my house around 8 am. I did not even wake up to cheer them on. Between that and this weekend's Pride festivals (two parades?) I think we will stay close to home and away from the crowds. Maybe a few minutes of yard work. Just slowed down this week, and am kind of itchy, I think Tarceva skin mixed with slight temperature increase?

I made a cheese, bacon and eggs pizza for dinner last night. Would have been okay except that batch of dough was a little tough. I still prefer a basic tomato sauce topped pizza.

Any CPA's or CFP's on board? I'd love to hear some thoughts on suitability (or not) of annuities for folks like us. I'm pretty sure they are expensive insurance vehicles and not appropriate for me, but I'd be willing to listen to smarter heads than mine.

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Hi everyone. Im getting ready to call it a night here. It hit 98 here today with a whole lot of summer left. Im not going to complain tho.it was a long cold and snowy winter. Judy in KW I hope you get caught up on your bookwork and have a safe and enjoyable trip. Donny,Im sorry you havent been feeling well.Judy in Mich. I sure hope they get that pain business figured out. You have suffered long enough. And TS I hope that sun sticks its head out for you before long. For me a nice blue sky and a sunny day is one of the best medicines around. I hope you all have a nice and painfree Sunday. Goodnight everyone.

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