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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It's cloudy and humid here, with a chance of storms. Forecast high is 92. I drove to work today, resting from the 300k I finished yesterday morning.

I stayed with the lead group in the ride too long, and rode too fast. I didn't realize how blown up I was until the stop at mile 67. It's funny how that will hit you when you stop. With the next two sections of the ride being the hilliest, I did not think I could finish it. But, I took a long break at that stop and slowed to an easier pace for the rest of the ride, and by mile 125, I felt fine. I ended up with 191 miles, and completed the ride in 15:50.

Enjoy your holiday, Eric. Let us know how the conference goes. Have a fun trip, KW Judy. I hope your pain is better today, MI Judy. Hope you slept better last night, Randy.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I think our high today is upper 70's finally we have some wonderful warm weather. Had a great time this weekend camping at the Oregon coast. First time I have been there and actually had warm weather and obtained a sunburn from the coast. The beach was magnificant and the fireworks we did on the beach were just awesome. The kids had fun catching hermet crabs and clamming (all small clams) but it was just great to get out and finally get a break from reality :D Well with only two hours sleep last night, I am praying my day passes smoothly and painless for it being a Manic Monday :roll:

I have not been on here much, but will try to be around a bit more. Off to read all the posts I have missed this last week.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Hello all,

It's 80 here and the storms blew the humidity out! Yeah! Supposed to get down to 55 tonight after dark, can you say turn off the air and open the windows???? Hi of 70 tomorrow. Beautiful! Supposed to be nice moderate 70's, with cool nights until the weekend. Then rain coming back. Am going to love this week.

Bud, congrats on finishing the race. Way to go! You should be very proud of yourself. Heidi it sounds like you had an awesome weekend. How fun! Katie, double BOO on the ticket. Man, he must have been having a bad day to give you a five over ticket. Mud on his face!!! LOL! Hope your meeting is fun tonight.

I need to get home and let puppy out and then to the chiropractor to see if he can provide some relief for this back!

Judy IN MI

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The boy is chomping at the bit. Didn't have time to read but want to buzz in and say hi. Did catch a phrase--Katie and a speeding ticket. Naughty girl lol! The kid wants the blue dude :mrgreen:

Judy in KW

PS It says green not blue lol.

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