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Friday's Air


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Morning All! Eric, if you missed the last couple of posts on Thur Air, you should know I revived Mike's old turning out the light routine cause I missed it. He suggested I add a turn on the lights with all the early birds coming on lol.

Chemo day is over. Stan starts his furnace today. We're off to another job in Rochester tomorrow. It was just a tease that someone else might do that job--I was hopen hopen hopen. We saw an authentic Antique place, big with rusty farm equipment out front when we came in. Plan was we'd stop on the way out. After checking if we'd still have time, Stan said yes, he'd just have to find out the route we'd be leaving to go to Rochester. I said oh no, mister. It wasn't far and we're going. We never do anything we say we're going to do and I'm not letting go of this (it's something he would enjoy too) even if we have to backtrack. He laughed. I don't dig in often so I'm sure he'll cave.

Off to tend my farm. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in PA

P.S. Oh and that office work I've been supposed to be doing--nada.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was HOT when I got up this morning, and the forecast for this afternoon is HOT. There won't be any ride to work today. Rose and I are leaving for the VA hospital shortly.

Enjoy the antiques, KW Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Ah...got to sleep in this morning. It felt soooooooooooo good! Now I'm sleepily getting going. Have an easy day today.

Having Hubs partner and wife over for dinner and drinks tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting his wife and getting to know her! I love to entertain, so just plain looking forward to company.

Our boat has had a ton of people stopping by. I think we left money on the table! We thought we had a nice price on it, but based on the amount of folks stopping by, we think maybe we are giving it away. Still people want to dicker on price. Not doing that with so many wanting it.

It's still HOT, but not as bad as yesterday. The COLD front came through and humidity is only 80%. LOL!

Judy in MI

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