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Today i was told that a bump removoved from my left side was a sclc lump that has traveled from the tumor in my right lung. So i am now extensive. The doc's say they will continue the radiation due to the fact that the main tumor is shrinking rapidly. Then they will wait four weeks and do cat scan, mri, brain scan, bone scan, x-rays and pet scan. After that i will go on topotecan for a number of cycles that i don't know yet. This was not what i wanted to happen, but i will do what it takes to beat this damn thing. They sure don't like to paint a pretty picture for us at this point. I want to make them shake their heads in disbelife when i am still around long after the time they give. Mike

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Guest cbysea1

You were the first one to reply to me here.I know you will make it through this to help others like me.You have a great attitude .

Cheryl_Child of God

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