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Roller coaster continues --


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Well the cisplatin and etopiside didnt work -- I had one treatment and a week and a half later i had the lymphs go crazy --

on my neck - in front of my heart - some system node that makes my right hand is numb. These are all in the envelop of the NSCLC IIIb. The node under my arm bit and a node in my lower back of course is not. I am a IV now and not very happy about it.

I start on Taxol ( again ) and Avastin tomorrow the 23rd. I sooo hope this works. Doc says I will probably stay on a maintenance dose of something because of my nodes.

On the positive side -- the CT did show the tumor in the lung did get smaller -- I was told if it showed no change it would be no surprise because it usually takes at least 3 months to see a change in the ct due to the body cleaning up the dead tissue.

That is really good!!! :mrgreen:

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went to the Oncologist today and he change the treatment. He put me on Cisplatin , Gemzar and avastin. I had 2 reactions to the avastin so we put it off for 3 weeks. WBC and neutrophils are so low he almost didnt give me the chemo.

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I agree with Susan, shrinkage especially of the primary is very good. When we are being followed, they find every little thing to scare us. Hope you settle into a successful treatment plan very soon. I love you used the evil looking green smiley face. It's my grandson's favorite. He's always telling me to use it lol.

Judy in KW

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