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Saturday's Air


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...not because I'm up early, mind you, but because I'm an insomniac and haven't been to bed yet. For that, I get to be the first person posting Saturday morning.

Hasn't been a good week. A week or so ago, I posted a Youtube video of a dog that climbs trees. He died Thursday. Just wasn't himself in the morning and stopped breathing before noon. He wasn't even my dog, but one of a pair I visited and spoiled at least three times a week. I miss him.

Still making plans for a big event. Can't seem to find a date, just know there's an event in the future...

No job prospects, but hey, that means no complaining about working and looking forward to Friday - every day is more like Saturday: I can sleep in late and stay up "early"...

Oh dear, that sounds like a very depressing week. It hasn't been depressing, really, except for the passing of the dog, and that was just heart-breaking. I'm alive, and forced my son to admit I'm a goddess in front of his friends because...well, because I AM a goddess! ;)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. I'm pulling family reunion duties later today and supervising shopping on Sunday.

Take care!

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Good Morning All! And Becky Snowflake, how good to see you bright and early this morning even tho it was dark and late for you. Sorry about the no job thing. I miss mine sometimes but then I have to do the paperwork for Stan's business and think, nah I don't need another job now.

So sorry about the dog. I missed the dog climbing the tree. Maybe I'll find it when I'm hanging out today. My life is so exciting here but to tell the truth, I'm not minding it a bit. If I wanted the car, I could take Stan to work. We went into the little city Thursday and to Goodwill and Walmart yesterday. Ate at Applebee's and that's enough excitement for me for a day or so lol.

I've learned to use these trips to alternate between relaxing and catching up on bookkeeping and a little siteseeing. It's working for me. Last night I went to "My Temporary Story." Thought I'd put it to prose but just can't seem to get into it. My beginning sounded a little morbid,

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Becky, so sad about the dog. Gosh, so vibrant and jumping up that tree, and then he died. So sad.

Of course your son had to tell his friends you are a goddess, you diva you! LOL!

Just got home from Detroit. The baseball game was a blast. The tigers actually won! Shocker! We went to a blues club in Greek town afterwards. Was great fun. Slept in on a gorgeously soft bed with great big fluffy pillows at the hotel we stayed at. Drove home this morning/afternoon, and now going to a BBQ.

Have a good rest of the day!

Judy in MI

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What a great dog. I am so sorry he died. The only problem with dogs is they can't live as long as we do!

Must just be one of those Saturdays. My husband's kind of grouchy today for no reason, so decided he was best left alone on the patio to take a nap and I came in to see what everyone else is doing.

Judy in MI, haven't been to a real baseball game in probably 20 years - sounds like great fun. Judy in OH, I have to admit relaxing in a nice RV park does sound very pleasant. I do all the paperwork for my husband also - but sometimes think it would be really nice to have a job where someone else paid me!

Go to Seattle tomorrow for a CT scan on Monday -- so am trying not to be a grouch myself.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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