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Oh the lonliness


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Had a bad weekend. Yesterday was very lonely and today was worse.

I am working nightshift this week and spend the day alone at home.

I find that I'm constantly thinking about Pat

When I am with people then its not so bad but being alone is hurting.

I went to church yesterday morning and evening and this gives mesome pece.

Thanks for listening


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try to surround yourself with support and people if you can...I know that's easier said than done--but people have a way of bringing you back into the world of the living...talking and doing normal things...people force you to do that.

I became very involved with my church and volunteered 2 hours a week to be a kids coach...I hated every minute of it until I realized how much it was teaching me to be patient and focus outward instead of inward. By the end of the season I was the one who had grown and become stronger...and ended up really loving those kids that I at first dreaded! ha!

Maybe in time you can find an activity or group of supportive friends that can get you thru the difficult and lonely times.

(((many hugs)))

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Thanks everyone

The biggest problem with becoming involved with other people and groups is the hours that I work at present.

We start at 7 in the morning but have an hours trip to get to work. We finish round 5 to 6 and then its another hour trip home. We have a very busy day as construction is hard and there is always something iurgent to do as I experienced last night.

When I get home I have to prepare something to eat and also look after that animal child of mine. Normally get to bed at about 10.

Weekends most people have their own things to do and some work.

But I try and socialise as much as I can but the church is the place that I feel gives me the best backing at present. I am still getting to know the people here as my church is in Durban.

Thanks once again


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