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Since my last post things have been up and down.

I did get the full dosage of cisplatin, gemzar and avastin and this cancer went through it like a train. I found 6 new nodes all over just in that 3 week period. So My Onc. put me on ALimta. It seems to have stopped the progression so far. I havent found any new nodes.

I went back to radiation due to my right hand not working very well and being numb from a node on my neck that just doesnt want to cooperate. 10 days the radiated 4 nodes on the right side of my chest and neck. It did help the hand at least I can start my car now LOL. 8) The radiation Dr took a non diagnostic CT and stated the lung nodule looked like a bunch of scare tissue and not growing.

got a CT on 9/13 and the tumor in the lung is still stable. No progression at all. :mrgreen: The lymph nodes on the other had are not playing nice. I really ho9pe the alimta works -- I think my Onc is running out of things to give me.

Anybody thats is on or has been on alimta -- Did you get really tired and winded?? - I feel as tho somebody took the breath outta me.

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Hi, Keli. Yes, Alimta does cause some fatigue in most people, and a lot in some. I also felt some shortness of breath while I was on it, especially in the first few weeks/months. It seemed to cause some soreness around the rib cage, and in retrospect I think this was due to some initial swelling there. The swelling/edema moved around my body from one place to another and back during the 12 months I was on that chemo. There's more detail in the link in my signature area below.

Great news on the stability!


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Went to get my blood tested today and now I have to get a transfusion tom the 16th. I just pray things start to turn around for the better for while.

I found out yesterday my oldest daughter had an abnormal pap and thats a big weight on my shoulders. With just daily things going on -UGH.

So the experimental radiation did work - it did what it was supposed to - but with no chemo ? -- now i am fighting to get them down so I have not decided if it was good yet or not -- :roll:

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