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This evening, I went shopping for a formal gown. There were two saleswomen who insisted the dress could zip, so while one held the dress in, the other worked on pulling the zipper up...

....and her hand slid...

...and I felt her fingernails pass over my shoulder blade.

I told her that brought back bad memories of the last time I had a dress fitted. "See the scar?" I asked, then told her the seamstress was zipping up the back with scissors in her hand and slipped...

The woman had a look on her face of extreme dismay as she stepped back and said, "Oh my goodness! That must have been horrible! That really happened?"

So when I finished laughing I told her no, it was a surgical scar that had nothing to do with assisted dressing and scissors.

I'm still giggling over that response.

Hey, a girl has to let off some stress! ;)

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Sounds like so much fun. I love dressup. I have a great straw hat I got at the farm store in NJ but really, I could add a ribbon and it will be beautiful. Gloves, no problem. I'm a teenager of the early sixties and a packrat so I know I have a pair of white gloves. Will Alice and the Cheshire cat be there? Let's go Becky, just you and I down the rabbit hole lol.

Judy in KW

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Well, Donny, I didn't think of it that way, but it may be fun, as long as we don a huge Mardi Gras mask so no one recognizes us. Hell, with nothing supporting the girls, they should pull out all the wrinkles making us both appear to be spring chickens!

Down the rabbit hole it is. You're simply barking mad, Judy!

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