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Saturday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Forgot to cancel the weekday alarm clock for 6.30am,couldnt get back to sleep,so here I am.

Weather overcast,winds are gone,dry and calm outside.

Had a great day yesterday,the college has a tradition of inviting retired emploees once a year for a reunion lunch,and since we have a new college the occassion had a bigger response than usual,so I had a visit from former colleagues I havent seen for quite some time including my former boss who got me started at Anniesland,cannot believe it when he said,this was his seventeeth year after retiring,he has changed little in his appearance,still fit healthy and cheerful,tells me he is off to Lanzerote for two weeks with his wife and two grand-children next week,lucky him.

My daughter Jennifer phoned to ask me to take some junk that she and Chris are disposing of to the local tip,then on to a trendy Swedish furniture store called Ikea,to buy a few things for their flat,its a very popular store with young people,very stylish but economical in price,I dont really like much of their stock at all,I suppose I am just showing my age.We will have a good time,probably take in some lunch somewhere,no Sally though she is working to-day.

Oh boy,I like the casual way Bud mentions he is just popping out today to do a 200k cycle run,do you ever feel a wee bit crestfallen at the abilities and fitness of others?Bud you are an inspiration to all of us here,in reminding us what can be done despite our illness,I really must try harder to follow your example.

Donny,what can I say? I am so sorry to hear about your latest news,I hope and pray that this situation you are in is only temporary,and your lungs will recover with the course of anti-biotics you have been prescribed.Please keep in touch and let us know how you are progressing,hope to hear of some progress in your next post,take care of yourself.

Hi Judy glad you had a good time at the Ducks banquet?

sorry I have forgotten the exact title you mentioned ,and I dont know how to save what I have already written,and go back and look,I do know I hadnt a clue what a Ducks banquet was,and all this exposure to testosterone,you naughty girl you.Could you provide me with illumination on the subject?

Well that all I can think of to share with you folks,just wish all of you a great Saturday,wonder if Bud got his AC fixed?not really a prerequisite for comfortable living and working in Scotland.Byeee.

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Hey there,

Ewwwww had to get up at 6:30 today to get ready to go to a conference on Church Planting. It was an hour away and I had to pick up a colleague at church. So it's 4:45PM and I could use a nap!

Eric, the banquet was Ducks Unlimited. They exist to raise funds to help keep the habitat for Ducks healthy, so that there are lots of ducks to be had for hunting. It's a bunch of guys (some gals hunt too, but not me) that buy raffle tickets and win hundreds of prizes, such as guns, knives, duck hunting boats, motors, etc.

We also have Pheasants Forever here. That one I don't go to as the only beverage they serve is beer (yuck) and the food is over cooked steaks. The Ducks banquet is a wonderful catered affair with fabulous food and mixed drinks (which I prefer). But Pheasants Forever is the same thing only for Pheasants. They also raise funds to get pheasants here to breed, as their habitat has been ruined by urban sprawl and they have become rare here. So they try to create habitat and then get birds and have them breed here.

All for guys to hunt and shoot them.

Barbaric! LOL!

Judy in MI

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Got up at 4:00 am to go to hospital for IV antibiotics. By the time we were through it was almost 8, I hate hospital wait a minute philosophy, they have the longest minutes in the world. Have to go back in a little bit and do it again, grrrrrrrrrr. Ducks unlimited is purty strong around here too as well as the Elk Foundation. My former employer is an avid hunter as are most of the employees, he has a large trophy room as his display room. Company sells and installs heating and air cond. equipment, doesn't display that boring stuff just dead animals. But in his defense it is by far the best company I have ever worked for as far as taking care of employees and customer care and business ethics. I'd love to see more companies operate as does Sheet Metal Specialties. He carried me on the company insurance as long as was possible under the rules of insurance in our state and paid all of my expenses for a very long time. Saved me over a half million dollars in doing so. How's that for being treated well? Sorry for the rant but he deserves my praise, plus he is also just an all around good guy.

Anyway, feeling a bit better today so will be grateful for any improvement. Talk at you all later.


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Back from the Walk (Free to Breathe) - despite the downpour over night, we had warm and sunny blue sky with beautiful white clouds as we walked along the waterfront of Commencement Bay. We walked in excess of a 5K as the parking was pretty far away. 6 survivors and over 200 participants.

tip = dump

Ikea = yes Eric, we have them across the US as well. I have a few pieces myself though I like the idea better than the experience. Do they serve meatballs in the cafeteria there as well?

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