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Okay, I'll start. First pictures. They gave Olive "fall colors" with her bows yesterday. Hunter Orange. How Hilarious and very cute.


Then she is so ferocious playing with her brother....


Here's Tula being totally intimidated by her larger brother and sister. LOL



It's a rainy day here. Got slammed with a storm that took out about 150,000 homes electricity. Mine went on and off and on and off. Trees were down everywhere. I swear it was a tornado, but this classified it as straight line winds. It was unbelievable. We were out in it when the lightning started and I could tell we had a doozy coming. So glad we got home before it hit hard.

Today is Gilda's Club. Going to relax until then, get a little laundry done, and then head out!

Have a good one!

Judy in MI

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Good morning, everyone! It was 71 degrees as I rode to work today. Forecast high is 89.

Cute photos, MI Judy! Pixie has finally gotten back to her playful self, though she's still hobbling.

KW Judy, I forgot to answer when you asked about my website. The basic look is done, but I'm still working on details, and the business isn't quite ready to go, so the website still isn't online.

Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! Got that storm here in NJ last night too. Scary winds, supposed to have been 60 mi an hour. Thought I was in KW but here it comes up so suddenly. Have had a couple here so far. And home I'm in my house not the coach!

Judy, cute pics. So funny the cat decided to bed under the dog's dish. Think cats just do those kind of things to snub their noses at the dogs.

Bud, thanks for the update on the site. I must have missed Pixie's mishap? Hope Rose's colonoscopy was uneventful.

Meet the Italian side of the family today for what will hopefully be a LOOOONNNNGGG lunch. It was three hours at a restaurant last year. This year it's at the Country Club where a cousin lives and she says we can stay as long as we like lol.

This was the first day I've had a respite AND felt good so I got thru all the "new posts" since yesterday. Seems the chemo side-effects are getting worse or at least lasting longer. Good to be feeling better. And I didn't want to have one before Stan's reunion next week so bought an extra week off from my onc. Whoopee, four weeks instead of three in between.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good news? I'm feeling some relief.

Bad news? My infection is back. Infection appears to have moved from skin to lymph node! Talk about a mind scare. Just finished two weeks on antibiotics and now another two. And I got referred to an infectious disease specialist to help me manage chronic infection, if that is what this becomes.

On antibiotics, I can't have alcohol. I'm not much of a drinker, but when I am taking these, opportunities for some fine dining or parties always seem to present as well.

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