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Saturdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Beautiful sunny Autumn day here,the trees outside my window are looking great in their Autumn colours,with the grass underneath them being carpeted by the leaves that have fallen,really is a treat to see.

Just havent found the time to get on line last week,missed you all,just trying this morning to catch up with all thats been going on,seems you all have been busy also,so many interesting things happening in your worlds.

Bud-Spinnerbaker Products "Wow" I have just spent some time "Window Shopping" what a great website,gosh you are so clever and industrious,I really wish you every success,in fact I am so confident you are onto a winner,any chance of me buying a few shares?

Randy,what a great story the reporter wrote on her overnight visit to your workplace,really looks like a great place to work in,you know that story was so well illustrated and written,I could swear I could smell the aromas coming out of your ovens over here in Scotland,would just love to get my "wallies" into your produce,well done you,pass on my regards to your colleagues.

Judy MI,Hope you have a great time at Art Prize,I had a look in at your link,thats just the kind of event I would love to visit and photograph,lucky you.Boy that was some happening with your friends and the boat wasnt it,so glad everyone involved is none the worse for that experience.

Judy KW,I will be thinking about you next week as you have your scans and chemo,wishing you an easy time and no residual effects.I think your re-union night is coming up soon?,hope you and Stan have a great time,catching up with all your former school friends.

Donnie,earthquakes, power cuts,tornados and blizzards,boy, you really have loads of exciting events happening in your neck of the woods?my environment seems rather dull now having read your posting.I am not very sure what a concentrator is,a mechanical breathing aid of some kind?I am really sorry you have to spend some time using one,hopefully this is only temporary.How is your current treatment going? Hope to hear from you soon.

Eric,wishing you all the very best as you continue your chemo and radio therapy treatments,praying for you that you have 100% success in having these cancer cells kicked out of your body for good.

Well its been work,work and more work in my world last week,still at the problem solving stage with students not having received their busaries or EMA funding,hopefully the dust has settled down now.October week college holiday starts next Friday,so I can relax and spend more time here.Received a nice card and gift from Susan Christie of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.Org ,thanking me for my presentation at conference recently,still to respond with thanks.I also received the final report of the Cancer Research UK Conference held at Stirling University recently,I am really pleased to tell you that my questioning of the panel of Oncologists and top representatives of Scotlands of two major political parties,made the report.More importantly they all agreed that my comments about meagre ammounts of monies being channelled into lung cancer research were entirely justified,they also took the time and effort to add to that section of the report,a dig at lung cancer survivors for not being pro-active enough themselves in being Advocates for attracting more attention to their cause.This entry did sting me a bit,so I think if this is a observation by these types of important people that is also felt in the USA,we have to come up with more forceful ways of presenting our case?Food for thought?

Have a great day everyone,see you later.

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Wow Eric, your comments about us not being forceful enough in our own advocacy strikes a raw note with me as well. I've been thinking the same thing lately and especially since this month is breast awareness month and it gets a huge amount of attention. I just can't help but think, how do we find major spokespersons for us like there are for breasts.

Yes Eric the concentrator makes the oxygen that I breath from room air and I am on 6 liters all of the time. I can't go anywhere without considering do I have enough bottle oxygen to get through whatever the occasion may be. When we went out of town this spring I had to take the concentrator with us so that i could stay overnight. The machine weighs 66 lbs and is about the size of a medium suitcase. Latest reports from my doctors are still that the damage in my lungs will heal but may take up to 10 years to do so. All I have to do is stay alive for it to happen.

Welp ya'll have a good day and still praying our east coasters are weathering the storms well.


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