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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 45 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 88.

On the ride to work, I was blocked by a train that stopped and still hadn't moved 15 minutes later. I've changed my afternoon route because of getting blocked so often then, but this is the first time I'd gotten blocked at this spot in the morning. I had to just ride a route that I'd never done before to get around it. I've never seen as many trains as I have in the last month. Is this all Christmas stuff being transported here or what?

Best wishes for the scans, KW Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Bud, I sure hope it's not Christmas stuff! Sheesh! Let's get through Halloween!

Judy, thinking of you today as you go through your scans. Praying for the best of the best results for you!

I love this weather. Have I said that before? It's 40 now, and will end the day at 75 beautiful degrees. Sunshine again. I'm soaking this in because soon we will head into the days of zero sunshine, and lots of cloudy gray days. So I must absorb it while it's here.

Gilda's day today. I love my Thursdays. I work on the Cancer Support Group night. So many of the folks that were in my group still come, and as a volunteer, I get to touch base with them and see how good they are doing. I love that.

Have a great day all!

Judy in MI

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Great weather here in Florida, again today. Our high may make it to 80 today. Temps are a bit lower on the coast since we have the breeze blowing. I actually wore a long sleeved top to work this morning. It's definitely been a while since that's happened. I love everything about fall...weather, food, football and clothes. I think I definitely should be living somewhere other than Florida where I can experience more of this weather.

Bud...I can imagine all that extra train traffic probably does have something to do with Christmas. Some of our stores here already have a pretty good selection of Christmas decorations on their shelves. Excuse me for asking....but what in the heck happened to Halloween AND Thanksgiving. Years ago, it used to be a "rule of sorts" that Christmas decorations didn't make their debut until at least after Halloween. I guess the face that they're already stocking the shelves with lights, singing santas and such are a great example of just how fast life is going for all of us. I still am having a hard time believing that so much of this year has already passed. It seems like weeks ago that I was raising a glass to toast 2010 and preparing my income tax.

Judy...we're all thinking of you and saying lots of prayers for GREAT results. Hopefully, it will make you feel a week bit better this morning, just knowing how much we all care.

So...its almost time to begin my countdown to Friday. I usually like to begin that little ritual around 3:00 on Thursday, since I know that I will be out of her 24 hours later!! So....anyone want to join in on my countdown?


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