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Morning All! Lovely evening. Not so great morning. I had hoped to sleep in because I was up til 1 am and that was with my Ativan. I've always said I am like a child that way, keep me up with social stimulation and it takes forever for me to wind down.

The weather is glorious. Chilly enough for me to need a sweater when I first get up. But the door are open to the screen porch and the tarpon in the canal are going crazy jumping for the mahua. It is exactly the kind of days that makes one want to live here. Gonna make this an even more relaxing day than yesterday lol. Still unpacking the coach and doing laundry but staying OUT OF THE OFFICE. Stephanie, your day yesterday sounded just grand.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good day Judy. Sure hope you get some sleep soon..... Sleeping is always a problem for me. I hope you are feeling good. You sure are having wonderful weather. That is my kind of weather, I really miss Florida. I lived in Sarasota over 10 years (my daughter was born there), not sure why I am here!!! Missed a couple of days and going back through the post to catch up. I dont like missing to many days or I feel disconnected.

Weekend was wonderful again high in the mid 60's I know the cold weather will be here soon. It will go from 55 to 30 - Brrrrrrh.

Snowflake (Becky) contrats on your marriage and I hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon.

Enjoy the remainder of the day. I am going to rake more leaves.


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