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Angry and took action: Thanks Bob Mc


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I returned from yet another doctor, this one for a mass on my hand that could possible be a "sarcoma". Thankfully the mass has gotten smaller since the first MRI. Repeat scan in 6 months and return. Good

Saw the oncologist yesterday, also good, but walking through the hospital yesterday, I got mad all over again. I smoked for ten years, and quit before attempting pregnancy. I did not want to smoke while pregnant, or die early and leave my kids to the other woman that my husband would marry in my place. No problem

Developed two breast cancers AND lung cancer within 8 years of each other. And I walk thorugh the hospital on a very cold day, and see all the medical staff outside smoking. WHYWHYWHYWHY?????

I wanted to shake them and smack them. And I want to smack the tobacco industry. So I come home and see the post from Bob and quickly emailed the governor, AND joined the mailing list.

Activism is not in my nature, but I am starting to feel the tug . . .

Thanks Bob


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I never smoked, so I never quit... Used to go to the bar to dance with my hubby - haven't been to the bar since the end of 2002 because I have to avoid smoke and other pulmonary irritants. My husband is very adamant and loud in requesting non-smoking now when we go out to eat to keep the smoke away...my son asked why he was so pushy about where we sit ("as far from smoking as possible" is hubby's request). I told him because my lungs are still healing and the smoke isn't good for me. Son's reply? "Well, it's not good for ME, either."

Why did it take MY issues for me to realize that my son shouldn't be subjected to secondhand smoke? Why was I so dumb to the fact? I avoided it as much as possible when he was a baby, when did I STOP taking care of HIM? (Kicking myself for that still..)

BUT, I cannot blame smoking for my current state nor my disease, so that is NOT where my intolerance comes from. I find cigarette smoke to be nasty and MY argument for those of the "Smoking is LEGAL" train of thought is merely - "Fine, smoke all you want, just don't exhale!" I don't feel that someone else's freedom of choice should interfere with mine - kinda like the right to swing your fist ends at someone else's nose, ya know?

ANYHOW...I think a public smoking ban would be a WONDERFUL thing...but then, what of those that smoke in their home with young children?? Just can't solve it all...

...but a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Here's to taking all the steps we can!


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