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Well, I guess I'll start it. I usually wait and see if KW Judy or Bud start it, but it's 11:20 here and no air!

We are in a beautiful weather season! Temps about 30, and just a dusting of snow each day. Enough to keep everything pretty, clean and white, without slippery roads. It's the perfect Christmas weather!

Not much to report here. Tables are laden with gifts to be wrapped for our other family. They will be here all day on Christmas. Little projects waiting for my attention too. And all of it can be done because I'm feeling so good now! I'm so grateful for that, and try not to take one day for granted.

Had to take German Short Hair Gibby to the vet yesterday. He got into it when he was hunting in S. Dakota, and has a egg sized lump under his chin. Vet thinks he broke a salivary gland and says it might just heal on it's own. But anti-biotics were prescribed, and anti-inflamatory meds too. If it does not shrink on it's own, may have to have a needle aspiration of the mass. He's just not acting like himself.

Well, not much to add, so just going to put this out there, and see who else is out there! :-)

Have a lovely rest of the day!

Judy in MI

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Nice here today with temperatures in the low -20C. Still calling for it to warm up over the next few days.

Hope the dog's problem heals on it's own Judy.

Speaking of health problems, I got in to see a new Doctor about my back on Tuesday. He felt that a cortisone shot and a couple physiotherapy sessions would clear everything up. I met him at the hospital yesterday morning and got the shot which wasn't very much fun. He then went and got the physiotherapist who managed to fit me in yesterday afternoon. The Doctor said I could return to work and do as much as the pain would permit. Well the therapist couldn't do a full exam because of the cortisone shot. He was concerned that I wouldn't feel any pain and he would cause more damage. He did find at least 7 or 8 problems that he considered serious. The worse being a "wing" off one of the fractured vertebrae did not mend in the proper location and is putting pressure on a muscle. That may require surgery to have it broken and pinned in the proper location. He advised the Doctor no work for me for awhile. Funny how setbacks like this are just considered a minor inconvenience when you have a reason to be on this site.

Take care everyone.

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Hi everyone it is currently 26 degrees here, I have got to be out of my mind thinking that is warm. Didn't snow today, but I am going to take the advise and next shoveling session I will dance around with my shovel to some tunes and get a real good workout in. Hey maybe I can have someone video tape it and post on the air. LOL. My neighbors will think I am NUTS.

Annette, if you get that snow, you know how to get that exercise now, don’t forget to dance around with that shovel.....lol. I will hope you don't get all that snow...

Bud wish I could have posted yesterday regarding piddle around. That was a word I used a lot and I know it had more then one meaning. Kind of like lollygagging around the house. That also has same definition as piddle around. (yes, Bud is urinating around the house, too funny) Figures Eric would pick up on that one. Had fun reading the posts late last night, put a smile on my face, thanks :D

Judy in MI, you sound like you have everything all set to go, congrats for you. I am set also; I hope I don't think of anything else I need to run out for. Sorry to hear about the dog, my lab has a huge growth all of a sudden under his chin and they did a needle aspiration and found no signs of you know what C_____. I just hope it does not keep growing or he will need surgery.

Bruce good to hear from you and I do hope you feel better. I am sorry to hear that you have not healed correctly and will need surgery. I will keep you in my thoughts. Maybe during the winter months you will be able to stay put more without doing to many strenuous activities out on the farm. Well enjoy the holiday.

Well I get to go back to the food store today. Not real thrilled about that but at least I will force myself out of the house. Have a great day everyone.


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Finally home for a brief moment before I go out to the grocery store - which will be about as fun as spending this afternoon at the hospital getting my first ever MRI. For those of you who have had them - I salute you - I do not like them at all and I believe that I will not be having any more strange headaches that any doctor will want to check out - nope not me I'm just fine - keep that machine and associated contraptions away from my head!

I am feeling better although my mind just said - you do realize that the grocery store is gonna feel just like that machine - on the eve of the eve. Hmmm - I said to myself - self - you don't have to work tomorrow - why not wait a while and let the ones that are just getting off and stopping on their way home get out of the stores anyway. Which sounds like a reasonable plan to me - so I believe I will try and catch the weather right quick no sense in being totally surprised when it hits.

I may run over to my moms and tell her about the experience and see if I can't get that rat nephew to go with me to the store - always nice to have someone to order down the aisles - got get this, go get that.

I hope everyone is ready for Santa,


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