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Wigs and saline


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Hi. I just wanted to throw this out there since there were some posts on wigs and we would all rather spend our money on other things. I know all insurance is different, but my mom's oncologist wrote out a prescription for a wig. It only covers cost of one, but at least it is something.

Also, if you rinse with the saline sterile water solution thing (I forgot the exact term) to prevent mouth sores---my dad called the insurance company and after prodding and having them look into it, it is covered! Before it was $14 each bottle, now they get 20 bottles for $10. The oncologist office staff said my dad was the first they heard about checking to see if it was covered b/c it is over the counter----and when staff called it in the pharmacist was taken back, but checked again, and yup, it is covered. That is a huge saving of money!

Speaking of savings, I was thinking--movies have senior citizen and student discounts. I think discounts should be given out to cancer warriors and their immediate family :) I know, wierd idea.

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Discounts sound great, but I don't want to be whippin' up my shirt to "prove" it when standing in line for a ballgame, etc. mid-January.... If we could all carry cards, though....then the folks with more "private" surgeries could not be so shy in receiving the "perks"...

An idea....

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