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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Got up at seven but it wasn't. It was eight. Forgot about the time when I went to bed. I forgot to check the temp but it feels a bit warmer this morning. But we are heading North tomorrow so I have to check Ann's temps.

Wednesday popped up on my "View new posts" this morning so I read. Loved the funny new stories. Will try to dig into my old brain and find some. I've always said my kids have a whole store of "stupid Mom jokes."

Every day I get up and promise to pace myself and somewhere around mid-day fail in my intent. I don't like feeling that terrible exhaustion where you think you can do one more thing. Today is another day--try to do ONLY what is necessary to make the trip tomorrow and hope it is not enough to knock me down LOL.

Judy in KW

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I don't know what to tell you Judy - just take your time - finish one thing at a time - it's got to be a huge job to come home after a wonderful trip and immediately pack to go on another which is not a fun trip. Just remember I think everyone here will travel with you and any angels on our shoulders are yours to borrow!

Again I slept late this morning - trying to sleep thru the stress I think - can't wait til next week is over.

It looks like it is a beautiful day out - hopefully we will have a nice visit with my nephew this afternoon - since it is his birthday. And then tomorrow will already be Monday - I think I did most of the weekend sleeping.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone,


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Happy Sunday afternoon!

Well Judy, I agree with Annette, just one thing at a time. I'm not that fond of traveling a lot, so this trip on top of the vacation would be stressing me out totally! Part of it for me is that we have the dogs. Boarding them is stressful and expensive, so we couldn't travcel as you and Stan do.

Annette, I am just praying for all the stress from work, Mom and nephew are eased for you sweetheart. Stress is never good, but definitely not good for us survivors!

We got out of church, and headed to the big city, to pick up the money machines at all the venues where Laughfest played last night. It was like 15 venues! We took them to the venues that are playing all day today and tonight. So lots of busy work. I drove, and manned the Emergency lights while Randy ran in and out of the businesses getting the machines. It worked nicely.

We got home, and he manned the vacuum cleaner and I attacked the laundry and cleaning the bathrooms. Nice team work!

Tonight, we will meet our friends and their children for dinner downtown, and we're all heading to the Bill Cosby show. I'm expecting it to be just an awesome time!

Tomorrow I have 3 meetings in the morning, and after a relatively late night tonight, am not looking forward to that. It's all good stuff because none of it involves a doctor! :-)

No comment on the cold/flu. I said I'd tell you when it was gone, and I will when it is gone :|

MI Judy

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