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Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 66 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 85. I rode to work all five days again this week.

I have two pairs of sandals that I wear when riding to work. They're cycling sandals; I clip my feet to the pedals. One pair is a size too big. I wear them when it's cold, with thin socks under wool socks under Gore-Tex socks.

The other pair is a size smaller. I still wear thin socks with them when it's not hot outside. Yesterday, when I left work for home, it was 84 degrees. So, for the first time this year, I wore my sandals as sandals are intended to be worn, with no socks. With the fierce south wind that was blowing, there was definitely a breeze between my toes........LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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OMG, what a BEAUTIFUL day in the mitten! Not enjoying the mud, but enjoying the air. My driveway resembles a chocolate mousse, may have to hire some hot chicks in bikinis to wrestle out there and charge admission. Could make some $$...

Sure did enjoy the corned beef dinner last night, sent leftovers for hubby's lunch. At the end of his work week, he'll have put in 80 hours this week. He eats well, but doesn't have much time for anything but working and sleeping. I miss him.

Where is everybody? Out enjoying the weather, as well?

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Hey! Where the heck is everyone! I was busy all day but totally expected to pop in to try to catch up on tons of posts!

Becky, I'm with you. EVERYTHING here is brown, and very muddy. Ack. Awful. I see slight signs of spring in little sprigs of flowers, and I talk to them and say, "please go back to sleep. It's much too early for you darling. If you sprout now, you won't make it to summer. Pop back into the leaves and don't come out until Memorial day."

I remember last spring, we had an unusual warm March, and those darned apple blossoms, and other beautiful fruits popped out, and then we had a normal cold time, and then a terrible year for fruit. While I don't wish for cold weather, I do want it so our blossoms don't come out so early that they have no chance of surviving the Spring.

We went tonight to the Laughfest Bob and Tom Comedy show. They had five comedians. The first two were horrid. Lots of religious, racial, and other slurs. But the last 3 were fantastic. I laughed so hard my ribs hurt. Fun, fun, fun.

Tomorrow is Colin and Brad from Who's Line Is It Anyway?" I totally remember that show hosted by Drew Carey. It was so funny. Can't wait to see it.

MI Judy

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I saw the boys on tour a few years ago, "Who's Live Anyway?" It was Probst, Ryan, Chip and the curly-haired guy that kinda looks like Christopher Walkin (I think that was the four, maybe it wasn't Ryan, maybe it was Colin - damn chemo brain!). They are HILARIOUS! My face hurt so bad from laughing and my ribs ached!

Enjoy, I am now green with envy.

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