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Unsure of what to write?


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If you are new, and you have ventured to the Introduce Yourself section, you are probably like me when I first found this site. Hmmmm.....what do I write? What is the protocol here? What do people say?

Like you, I surfed around the site for a while, just reading posts, trying to figure out how the site worked. After being a lurker for a few weeks, I finally ventured in and gave it a spin.

From reading other's posts I saw that I could put my experiences in my "signature", and I saw that the responses to the posts were very nice. So I jumped in.

So, if this post is new and you are new, and have any questions, just start here, and we'll help make you feel at home.

Judy in MI

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Judy is right. When I first found my way here, I knew my story would be very different from most. But you could see that posters here were nice, as well as supportive, so I dove in anyway. We welcome everyone.

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Both Judy and Bud have inspirational stories. When I first came here I was lost - and now I think of everyone as family. It was so beneficial to tell my story, get encouragement and see there is hope - that's what this place is really all about to me. Hope,


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