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Scans later today!


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Hello everyone,

I have been having breathing changes (hard to describe) and coughing for just over a week. I'm going in today to have my CTs to determine if the beast is growing. Any prayers, positive thoughts, crossed fingers, will be welcomed!



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Chest CT shows mild progression right hilar region, mild narrowing of right upper bronchus, and associated acteletasis of right upper lobe.

Now I wait to find out when to start 2nd line chemo. The doc told me before it would be a combo of topetecan and taxal (sorry for my spelling).


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Sorry to hear that your scan shows progression and more chemo is in store. "acteletasis"? Is that a bit of collapse of the lung or narrowing for other reasons? That would explain your breathing changes! Good for you getting back in early. Take care of yourself.


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I know any kind of progression is tough but I try to treat it now (not so easy in the beginning) as another bump in the road. I'm now 3 yr 8 1/2 months into this battle and am doing and feeling well again. Hang in, you'll get there. Hope this chemo is more gentle on you. Some are more so than others. Keep us posted.

Judy in KW

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