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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Had to read all of Tues first so only have time for a quick hello. I am feeling better everyday but yesterday in the (home) office. I don't know how you working joes and janes do it. It's not that I'm chained to the computer desk. It just gets me distracted.

I'm going from memory so don't be disappointed if I miss you. Judy sorry about the foot but hope it will slow you down. CT report today? Annette, glad the kid is on his good behavior. Hope it's not an act to get the best possible situation for him to continue his errant ways. Sorry, I'm a bit jaded when it comes to addiction.

Janet so glad to see you. I did finally get to the animal farm at the county jail. It has lots of animals but falls short of a real farm. Most of it is ground level under the buildings and the pens don't encourage up close and personal. Will get to Connecticut one day so you can take me to your farm.

Eric, sounds like you are on an upswing. So glad Lungevity members have been available to come in and enhance your visit to America. Alan, you just told us where you are from but I forget again (I'm not Judy in MI so won't guess and be wrong lol). Hope you get to meet Eric.

Bud, I know it was a couple of days ago but good luck with Rose's breathing machine. My son finally talked Stan into getting tested and I can't tell you how much quieter nights are. He's hooked now and can't sleep without it. Takes it when he travels too. Hey Stephanie, bet you wish more than a couple of us were a sparing with words as you are. It's o.k. but I miss the descriptions of your fabulous meals lol.

Now I'm stuck, can't remember anyone else who posted yesterday so--have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning everyone - it is so good to be back!

I am trying to catch up on all of you and what is going on in your lives - but I will just have to start fresh - like trying to jump in to a TV series halfway through the season!

First - I want to say - Annette - I don't know quite what is going on with "the Kid" but I wanted to let you know that a few years ago we thought we had lost my niece to drugs. She ended up in ICU for 2 weeks on a respirator - and then as soon as she got out of the hospital started using again, ending up on the streets. Now she is raising a beautiful daughter, working hard, putting herself through school to be a radiology tech. We couldn't be more happy, and proud - there is hope!

Judy in KW - OMG I would be SO excited to have you come to CT. I am dying to meet you in person. (I could meet you in Jersey sometime when you are there also - I have friends and family there) It is too bad the farm at the prison isn't great. Maybe there is somewhere else with animals you can visit? Right now I have two of the farm guinea pigs at my house - they are just babies and needed some extra love. Turns out that one of them is a male - and the other 15 on the farm are females - so I get to keep him!! I adore him and am so excited! We are now anxiously awaiting the birth of a new horse any minute. I am not allowed to drive for the time being - I had a seizure and my double vision is back - so getting to the farm has been tough - but luckily my son is home for the summer and he is a great chauffeur!

Judy in MI - Bridgeport has improved, but it there is still a lot of poverty there. I have never been - just driven through, but my husband does some work there. I hear that the zoo has gone from horrible to wonderful and my son likes to go to a music festival at Seaside Park. Two of my best friends grew up in Bridgeport. I have been dying to go to the Barnum Museum but it is closed due to tornado damage.

Eric - I so wish I could have met up with you. I live halfway between NYC and Boston and I have daughters in each of those cities. Plus you said you were going to stop in New Haven - which is where all my doctors are - so it would have been easy to meet you there. Unfortunately I have not been doing so well this summer and just was not up to traveling, walking, talking, ha ha I guess I have not been up to much! I am so glad you are having such a good time - you are seeing much more of America than most Americans! And, the people are being so friendly because we American's can't resist an accent!

Today I have an MRI - some advanced imaging kind - I used to take good notes and would know exactly what it was called - but I guess I am getting complacent. All I know is they said it would take 2 hours - wow - that is a long time to be in a coffin like device! Also today my favorite little boy is coming to visit. A good friend who has 3 children the same ages about as my 3 (20's) has a 4 year old now. He is the closest thing I have to a grandchild - and I adore him. They live in Brooklyn but are coming to spend a few days at the beach with me. I am afraid I don't have the same energy I had when he was here in June - so I hope it all goes ok. It has been a rough summer for me health wise - but an amazing summer weather wise. Today 81 and sunny. I love it!

Peace -


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 84 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 105. Yesterday was the 25th straight day of 100+ temperatures for DFW, tying the 3rd longest streak of 100+ degree days ever recorded. We're starting to see contests on guessing when the streak ends. And yesterday morning's low of 86 degrees was DFW's hottest minimum temperature ever. This is turning into a long summer.

Janet, good to see you on the Air. Good luck with the MRI.

KW Judy, glad you're feeling better. Rose gets the breathing machine on Friday, so we'll see how that goes.

MI Judy, I hope you're foot is better soon. My left little toe has been broken in 3 places so I know that's no fun.

Time for me to get back to the sweat shop. Have a great day, all!

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Hi everybody, Wow, I never thought of this as an addiction. I just like to read stuff. yeah that's it. Finally a daY without huge humidity. I have to take advantage and get some outside work done. Fished most of yesterday with an old friend. One of a few who is not afraid I might croak in front of them. God, it's not contagious folks. After reading Nick's post and all the responses,I went into a sleepless night full of wonder and bewilderment. That happens from time to time. Cancer , regardless of it's outcome, is such a big life changer. seems there is no end to the search for answers. Some of you (Bud) handle it so well, it's astonishing. Anyway , I admire all of you. By the way KWJudy, it's Harrisburg, Pa. I put it in location but it won't appear. hope the Taxotere is being kind to you. I wonder if the steroids are causing the mouth issue. Is it Prednisone? I only ever got helped not hurt by that stuff. Get better soon. Mi Judy, WHAT, a broken foot? You need a cruise where all you do is sit under an umbrella and drink pina coladas for a week. Really , book it now. Great pics as usual Eric. You are responsible for my summer vacation. All on a monitor. Wow. Great day everybody,, Alan

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Good morning!

Great start to today! Took the antibiotic for the kidney infection, which makes me nauseous, and didn't take the Zofran because it makes me sleepy. So, I just spent the last 15 minutes standing over the sink, doing you know what. Now I put the Zofran under my tongue and am hoping it does it's job.

Alan, I know what you mean. Wonder and bewilderment for sure. I slept very good last night, in spite of what today may or may not bring. I almost think the kidney infection and broken foot were brought about to distract me from the real issue, has the LC returned?

Bud, our lives have changed significantly since he got the C-PAP. Like Judy's Stan, he would not go anywhere without it now. He just sleeps so well now. It's nice. Rose will love it.

Janet, I can't imagine being in an MRI for that long! They would have to put me out. I pray the results are good. I see by your signature that you are in the thick of things right now. I am praying for you!

Well, hope everyone has a good day!

Judy in MI

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Janet, I hope you being back here means you are feeling a little better. I tend to fade away when I'm feeling bad; just don't have the energy.

I'm with Judy on the MRI--can't imagine two hours but then I realize we do anything we need to do since our dxs. We will meet someday. It's like my neighbor and I, she has rheumatoid arthritis and several other nasties. It's a challenge to find a time we are both available and feeling well but we finally had lunch recently. I'm feeling for you having a bad summer. I had a great summer last year then overdid into winter. Paid for it this Spring. Had several bad months. Hope you bounce back like I have.

Alan, how could I forget since I mentioned to you living in the Kutztown area for 12 years. Duh.

Bud, I'm sorry you guys are under the heat wave plaguing our country this summer. It's just unhuman. At least you folk in Texas have some experience with extreme heat. There are states in which it is not at all common.

Judy, over the past year I've come to hate antibiotics almost (I said "almost" lol) as much as chemo. But I love zofran. It does the trick and doesn't make me sleepy. I take compazine at night because it does and zofran in the daytime. Sorry it has that effect on you because I find it pretty effective.

Annette, where are you? I popped back in because I was in the office this morning and have to get back in there. May not make it back here again so have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Alan - quick hint, when you change something in your profile, you need to scroll down and use the "Submit" button in order to save changes.

Not so hot today - weather is pretty nice, some blue in the sky. Went to Qi Gong this am, but only made it thru 4 of 5 routines and then had to sit down. Just felt puny. Came home and am resting on the couch. Drinking water. One cat by my side, the other restless and walking around the room. Typically, each would be sound asleep on a bed all afternoon, so I guess they decided I need some company. There's also a stranger cat outside somewhere meowing!

I won't be going to the Farmers Market, but do need to fix supper tonight. Something easy.

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Hi everyone. I thought I should stop by for a minute and see what is going on. My head cold keeps hanging on and my ears are causing me problems now. Not sure how much is fluids and how much is the TMJ . I just know my head feels full and ears hurt and I get that tickle and cough. That doesn't make me good company so I am staying in most of the time,

You all have so many problems I feel like a wimp when I talk about a cold getting me down. I just hope all of you are doing better. Judy and Judy am praying that both of you get test results that say NED. It is time for you both to get a break and I don't mean a bone broken Judy MI :!:

Janet I am with Judy. I am very clastraphobic and they would have to knock me out to even get me in one of those things. I too hope that your test come out NED. There is just too many having to worry right now. I keep praying that soon that will end.

Annette I think you deserve a rest from that kid and his problems. You have enough with your own health issues and with your mom to care for. You too I hope have tests that say NED. As for the kid my nieces daughter had a drug problem. She met a guy that had one too my niece told her to clean up or get out. She chose to get out and that tough love was what saved her. Now her and her husband(she married the guy and they both cleaned up) have a sweet little girl and are hoping for another. They are both great parents. So you see there is still hope for your nephew.

Bud I have been watching that weather. Here we are used to long stretches over 100 but this year we have only had a few days at a time. It is supposed to be up to 105 for a few days then go back down. What saves us is the lack of humidity. Our humidity usually runs about 10 to 15% during the summer.

Eric I enjoy hearing about your travels. I always enjoyed seeing this beautiful country. I went to a lot of places but many I have missed so enjoy " seeing " them through your eyes. Keep the stories and pictures coming.

Stephanie I loved living in Washington but that year it was pretty dry during the summer. The winter was so hard for me I just remember rain and gloomy days but my heart was gloomy at the time. Don't you just love having those farmer's markets? I try to take advantage all summer. There is nothing like fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Well I don't think I have forgotten anyone. I am thinking about Sara too and a few others but for now I think I need some food and to rest my head for a while. Being on the computer seems to make my headache worse sense I have this cold.

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