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Friday's Air


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Hi everyone!

I must admit this time alone has been very good for me. I've just been reading, doing a little shopping looking for end of summer bargains, eating out, eating in, watching TV and reflecting, and it's all been good.

R texted me each day asking if I was coming home. Each time I said I was not ready yet. Finally last night I texted that I will be home Saturday. That gives me today to finish my book, and finish my notes for a quiet and kind conversation with him. I really think we can make positive changes for the future. I am feeling very optimistic about it all.

Your words of comfort and advice were so lovely and I am very thankful for my on-line family here.

I got a lovely picture of Lily up too! That was hilarious, as I had to resize it several times, and some times it was really long, and other times really wide, and finally I think I got it right. Hope you like it Lily.

Well, going to have a nice quiet day today. Saying HI to everyone in one big fell swoop.

Judy in MI

P.S. If a moderator beats me in, please merge this with yours. Thank you.

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Hi All

I've been away Judy. Guess I need to catch up. Hope all is OK. I'm in Wisconsin until the end of Sept and only have the Internet once in awhile. The weather here has been glorious. my sister was diagnosed with lymphedema so she started on the treatment this week. it's been quite a learning process. This condition will never go away but hopefully she'll be able to manage it. I'm very grateful I'm here with her for moral support.

Hope everyone is getting thru these dog days of summer.

Love, Laurie

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 82 degrees when I rode to work this morning. It's supposed to get up to 107 this afternoon.

Laurie, sorry to hear about your sister's lymphedema. My wife has it in her left arm. Not much fun.

It's almost the weekend. I'm still debating about where to go fishing tomorrow. I'm thinking about getting the kayak out again. I'm planning on riding a 200K on Sunday.

Have a great day, all!

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Good afternoon -

A quick post just to let you know that I am still alive. I am absolutely swamped (drowning) at work - even took it home last night and worked until 10:30 p.m. Now I have other projects to work on this weekend - hate it when every project comes due at the same time.

I'm off to the kids lawyer - we have court again on Monday - so this should be interesting since the kid and my mom can't come because there is a family counseling session. (Not that I want him or her to talk anyway...LOL).

Looking forward to working this weekend...not...


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Thank you so much Judy for posting my picrure. Believe it or not I came straight here so I have not seen it on here yet but am sure any way that you did it will be fine. I am so happy that things seem to be going better for you. You have such a good heart and a good outlook on life. You deserve the best.

Bud good luck with the fishing. I have thought about going but I have to go up to the lake in the mountains and I can only be in the sun for a short time. Not sure if it is worth getting up to leave at daylight to go. I won't drive up there in the dark. Hope you catch a bunch and enjoy them. Kyak sounds like a lot of work but might get you in your lakes that are low.

Annette hope that you get caught up soon. It is a real bummer when you have to spend so much of your time on work. Try to get some rest too and come let us know how things are going when you can.

Laurie good that you have that time with your sister. I am sure she is happy to have you there.

Eric you will probably sleep for a day or so then be out on another adventure. Please let us know how things are going for you now that you are home.

Sara, Stephanie and Alan I hope you are all doing well as well as Judy. We tend to worry when we don't hear from someone for a day or so then forget that when we get busy. Just know that you are thought about and missed when not here.

Lunch time then some sewing and tv for a while. I think I will call my old friend from school later. She had a belated memorial for her husband who passed of Kidney Cancer in December. I am thinking she may need someone to talk to.

One of my neighbors moved to a nursing home so she can get 24 hour care until she passes. Her one daughter was taking care of her with only a little help from neighbors and hospice. She probably has only a couple of days left but it was time for her daughter to get a break for some sleep and rest. Please keep Betty and her family in your prayers. Not sure what kind of cancer she has but it is growing like a tree with branches in her body. They say she has big lumps all over. I have never heard of that before. I just pray that she is in no pain and for her family to find peace. She never left or said good by without saying" I love you, God Bless". Such sadness always when we get close to people.

Got to run now and have some lunch. Thanks again Judy.

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