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Hello, I am new to this site. December 24,2010 my mom was diagnosed with smalll lung cancer. She is the sixth person in my family to have lung cancer and we are currently trying our second trial drug in eight months.

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Hello and welcome. Six people in one family? Yikes, I am so sorry. Is there any indication that there was an environmental component involved (like radon in the family house?) Just grasping at straws here - as we all know, all it takes is lungs to get lung cancer.

I hope your Mom responds well to her current treatment and I hope that you have some support for yourself as well. I can imagine it would be frightening to go through this so many times. Would you like to share some of the family history or your own needs with us or what can we do to be of help?

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I am glad its early enough to be Clinical trial stage!! most patients are diagnosed too late stage!

Sorry you have to be here but We are glad you are!!

Thank your Mom for being a pioneer in Cancer research for me!! thats a big thing to do!

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Welcome aboard. Sorry you have to be here but I have to ask, sure you aren't a cousin of mine. Our family cancer is overwhelming and the number with lung cancer justs keeps growing.

Do tell us more about your experiences. Sharing is good and helps us offer you support.

Judy in KW

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It's strange to share sometimes,but my family has been deeply affected by this disease.

1994 my grandmother passed from SCLC age 49

2001 My Great aunt passed from Non small cell with mets to the brain age 61

2005 Great aunt passed from non small cell age 52

2008 My grandfather passed from SCLC age 62

2009Great Uncle passed from Non small cell age 60

2010 mother diagnosed with extensive small cell with mets to the abdomial wall and nasal passages age 47. she did eight round of chemo with trial drug amrubicin tens days of spot radiation and is now on another medication we have not had another scan to see how the drug is doing. The next step is to see the drug delevopment unit at Sarah Cannon in Nashville.

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