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Morning All! Rain rain go away.

Am following you all every couple of days but haven't seen Alan scan report. It wasn't in my "view new posts" but I'll check again in the Update forum.

Tomorrow starts my big weekend. I've really agonized over it and will be glad when it is finally here. I'll do the weekend and be who I am. I just need to stop worrying about not being who I was before this year. I'm resigned to taking the private bedroom upstairs. I'll handle the stairs and may need the quiet to rest in order to get through the days. Hey, I'm a girl and you know we just want to have fun!

Can't wait to leave NJ after the weekend. It's been rain rain rain for days now. Keeps me awake at night and wakes me up early in the am hammering on the RV.

Had a 4-hr small group lunch with some family yesterday. It was nice. Sad it will probably be another year before getting together again. I'll miss them.

Nothing much going on today. Stan's taking the day off work. I'll be packing and resting for the weekend. Hope you all have a great sun-shiney day.

Judy in Eastampton

P.S. Stephanie, I love your avatar. I have a baby pic in my computer. When I get home, I'll try to put it here. Haven't had an avatar for awhile now.

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Good morning, friends. it seems this week has really gone by fast and I am in disbelief that tomorrow is Friday already. I guess that happens when you're away from work for a week and then have a four day week to catch up with everything.

Judy, I think you would be getting just as much rain if your were in your KW home. We have been getting multiple daily downpours for the past week. It seems that they always begin at the precise time for my lunch break. Yesterday afternoon, there were three separate hard rains, coming about two hours apart. I try to never complain about the rain coming down but I sure do wish we could share some of this water with our Texas friends that are so very dry right now.

I have another good friend that was diagnosed with lung cancer this week. By the time of diagnosis, the cancer had already spread to the liver. He's an older gentleman and he's battling other health issues, so the possible cancer treatments haven't even been discussed. He was hospitalized for one infection, then while in the hospital to treat that he contracted a nasty staph infection. He has to have 84 IV treatments of strong antibiotics (3 a day) so, he's been admitted to a long term care facility for a month. Have I mentioned that I absolutely hate lung cancer???

I'm attending the funeral of a former co-worker today that lost her battle to lung cancer last week. So very sad how many friends we have lost to this damned disease!!!

So, I'm going to get some work caught up, as I have to leave the office early today. Hope everyone has a great day and finds time to do something they really love in life!!!

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Good morning everyone. I guess I will post and try to keep it short though I am usually not good at that.lol

I did not have the best day yesterday. I got up at 5:30 to take a neighbor to get her blood work done. She didn't show up when we were supposed to meet at my car. I spent a half hour looking for her and worrying that something may have happened to her, kept calling and knocking on her door and even drove down to the bus station at the mall to see if she had walked there and was waiting for a bus. Finally I just gave up. I went out to the farm only to find out that I was an hour early, they hadn't opened yet. So I wasted an hour and got some coffee because mine had been rushed and a sausage biscuit because I hadn't taken time for breakfast. After that none of my day went as planned. Found out that I was right after all. She had walked to the bus station and taken an earlier bus. When I got home she was sitting outside and made some excuse but all in all she just didn't think and took off. Maybe she forgot but what really bothered me was that she acted like it was nothing. I get so exasperated with people sometimes!

So I was so tired last night I didn't sleep good and now I have to run and pick up the brown bags(extra food for low in come seniors). I will pick them up but not unload them from my car. My back is just starting to feel better and I want it to stay that way. I am about to get to the point where I do like everyone else, just sit back and wait for someone else to do those things. I just know that if I do there will be no activities at all here and that would be a shame. People have to keep their minds and bodies active or they will fall apart.

Ann glad you got home safe from your trip and Judy I am praying that you have safe travels and don't get caught up in all of the flooding on the way home.

I am wondering if the reason we have not heard from Alan is because of all the bad weather. He was going to be on the road about the time it was starting and we have not heard from Annette either for a few days. Don't know if we should pray it is not the weather or not the personal problems keeping her away. I guess I will just pray it is neither.

Well I have to run now. I hope everyone is safe and well and will have a great day. If I have forgotten you it is only because my fingers have already been too long winded :lol:

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That's funny Lilly, "long winded" fingers. Cute. Sounds like yesterday was very frustrating for you. I would have been too!

We are seeing a hang-overf from Hurricane Lee here. Some rain is expected, and the cooler temps will stay until this weekend. Praying that it does not rain for the "big game" on Friday.

I was sitting here, and paused, and a pretty little hummingbird came right up to my window as if to say Good Morning. I love it when that happens. Seems to me to be a harbringer of a great day.

Ann, nice to see you here, loved the funny!

Judy, I agree with you. It seems we spend more time worrying over how we'll be, trying to be who we were before, than we do just being in the moment and just enjoying what we can. To be honest, for me, today, most of my health issues don't come from being a cancer survivor. It is my feet. I just can't do what others can. I can't balance, and can't walk very far. I have to calculate everything to make sure I can get around well enough and I'm sick of it. It is who I am, and I'm not going to try to "fit in". If I'm in pain, the others can go on, and I'll find a seat somewhere. It is what it is. Life is short, and I want to live it the best I can, to the best of my abilities.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Missing Bruce, Alan, Bud, Eric and more! Annette, I'm really starting to worry about you. Have not seen our friend from S. Africa for a while either.

Judy in MI

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It's been three years since I first went to the ER! So there, you nasty statistics.

Judy (not in KW) - thanks - That's me at the painting easel, wearing a smock, just before I turned 5. I finally was able to get a small enough photo to be accepted on this site!

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Hi you guys, Just got back from Phila. Wow! The game was awesome. It fit right into a nonrainy time slot and they got it in. It was tied at 2 in the bottom of the 9th. Our guys got a walk, then a single, then a game winning single down the 1st base line. It was an exciting finish. I managed to catch a train out this morning at 10. Highways are closed here for some history making flooding. I'm sure you'll all see it on the news. It is huge. The river is going to crest at just under 30 feet. Flood stage is 17 feet. We are high and dry on our hill but thousands are not. Truly catastrophic. On a lighter note, my scan shows no changes. Calling it stable and still in remission. I'm making arrangements to have my port removed. I don't get checked again for 4 months so I don't want it anymore. It's one of the things that is a constant reminder, It hurts when it gets bumped and blah blah blah. Goodbye to it. Met some great new people too and expanding the volunteer effort.

Mi Judy, what a great thing you have there with the game and the fundraiser. Sounds really cool. Good for you. What fun.

KW judy, have safe travel back home, I hope your trip was good for you.

I also just found out that my cousin's brain tumor is going to be terminal after a long and arduous fight. Still fighting and adjusting to the facts. It's hard and so so sad.

I wonder how you are doing too, Bud? What about the fires? It's so strange to see 3 million acres burn and our area under water. Wish some of it had fallen on you.

Well, that's all the blabber from me for now. See yins later.

Yins is Pittsburgh for you guys. Eric, Lilly, Steph, Paullette, Annette, Ann, Randy, and all, Take care and be safe. Alan

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So glad to see a post from you. Stable is wonderful. I'm glad you got to see the game. My best friend lives in Gloucester City NJ - just across the Walt Whitman Bridge from Philly (and it's near where we lived for 7 years) and she's been telling me how much rain they have gotten. It seems that so much devastation has happened lately. Glad you made it home safely.


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