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Sunday's Air


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Good morning one and all.

Woke to rain this morning. Very much needed here in Minnesota. Fall is definitely here. The trees are changing colors and the weather is much cooler. I love this time of year.

It is good to see folks are gradually getting back here to post what they are up to.

Judy KW getting closer to home, Judy MI staying busy as ever. Eric almost to busy to post but he still gets here. So glad Ann is able to be so involved in such a good cause. Stephanie still hanging in there. Annette is posting when she can. Lillian bragging about her wonderful weather in CA. Alan is out and about and Bud is going strong. I am so glad to see everyone!

Hope you all have s super day!


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Good morning Shirley. It is so nice to see you posting. Yes I do brag because our weather is exceptional for this time of year. Normally we are still in the upper 90s but this week and in fact this whole summer has not been as hot as normal. It has been nice to leave all of the windows open day and night and wake up to the sound of the geese honking as they fly overhead instead of the air conditioner running.

Not doing a lot right now. Just enjoying the weather and working on my sewing and watching the Giants play baseball everyday. I do have a busy time coming up. On the 29th I am going down to the bay area to visit with my brother and also some friends from school that I haven't seen for 50 years. When I get home I have an appointment to get one of my ingrown toenails taken care of and the following day our fundraising bazzar starts it's three day run.

Well it is time to give my daughter a call. This is the day that I spend a lot of time on the phone. I hope eveyone is having a good weekend and enjoying beautiful weather.Prayers for the miners and their families as well as those envolved in the air crash. Still praying for a cure for Lung Cancer and all cancers.

Tomorrow is the aniversary of a very special day that Johnny and I shared. The following day is the 9th aniversary of the remarks of a nurse that I will always believe led to his early death. I never forget.

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Hi there from the hot and humid Ghana

Ive been here a week and already strugling with the heat . We are forced to wear jeans and believe it or not long sleeved shirts.

I am working on a mining construction site and have bee seconded here by my South African company.I thought it would take my mind off the lonliness and longing for Pat but here its just as lonely as everyone is tired at the end of the day and not much time for socialising.

I am glad in a way after a disasterous relationship which had me full of hope but went wrong.

Anyway just thought I would share some news

Bye for now


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Afternoon All! Missed yesterday then posted Sunday in Saturday's Air. Am feeling a little fried by now. Dominick stayed overnight Friday so he and PopPop could go for an early breakfast at Denny's. It's their thing. He stayed home last night but Stan still drove across town and back to get him for breakfast. Denny's is a stone's throw from where we live. Wendy and I went out to lunch yesterday then we all sat around and chatted and watched TV at her house. I was supposed to go out with her again today when she took Dom to his music lesson but I copped out. Instead I stayed home and got the table set and things ready for our steak dinner. Am pooped now lol.

Toss in my regrets for the lost miners and the lives lost at the air show. So much tradgedy.

Stephanie, good you got out but everything in moderation I say. I've been up and out everday since I've been here lol. Waiting to see if I burrow in again after I get home and do chemo this Thursday.

I envy Judy and Eric their opportunities to hear about all the new stuff that is hopefully going to help us still fighting active cancer.

Good to see you here Shirley and Ron too. Someone was just asking about you Ron. Sorry about that thing that went wrong for you. Lily I know you'll have a great time catching up with old school friends. My friends and I enjoy it so much we do it every year now. Ten years and counting.

Tomorrow off for home. Much as I love visiting Wendy and Dom, I am really really ready to go home.

Have a great day.

Judy in PSL


Cytology report on fluid removed from lung after pleural effusion and pneumonia Sep 07 showed adenocarcinoma cells. Dx IIIb NSCLC Oct '07 at MDACC, Orlando. Fol 6 rounds Taxol/Carboplatin/Avastin and 2 Avastin, CT/PET 4/1/08 pleural thickening gone and no active cancer cells. 11/3/08 STILL NEVD. CT/PET/MRI 5/4/09 Cancer back, still in the pleura and chest wall, small amt of fluid, all in left lung.

5/11/09 Start on Alimta every three weeks.

7/13/10 Had Alimta on road in Corning NY.

8/24/09 Scans show some improvement. Continue on Alimta.

9/14/09 Chemo on road in Mt Holly NJ.

10/6/09 Started regular Alimta infusions in Key West.

11/3/09 CT and PET scans showed significant improvement. Some issues already resolved.

2/3/2010 No evidence of residual or recurrent disease. NED! Stay on Alimta.

5/6/10 Am considering myself still NED until/unless proven otherwise in July. Rabid radiologist thinks he sees something suggestive of similar to some abdominal cancer. No light up on the PET. Am hoping for the best. Stay on Alimta and scan in 9 wks instead of 3 mos.

7/8/10 Chest CT unchanged (NED Feb '10). Infiltration in the region of the omentum is probably slightly more prominent than before. Diverticulosis requiring antibiotics.

Jul, Aug, Sep, continued Alimta in Corning NY, Portsmouth OH and Mt Holly NJ.

10/14/10 Chest CT unchanged from Feb '10. Findings likely representing progressive nodular peritonal carcinomatosis in the midabdomen. Treatment changed to Tarceva started in Nov.

12/15/10 Chest CT unchanged. Abdomen changes compatible with peritoneal carcinomatosis again identified with mild progression noted.

3/16/11 CT chest unchanged. CT abdomen progression ascites (fluid). Progression of soft tissues nodularity on the peritoneal surface anteriorly with diffuse omental involvement.

4/13-15/11 Hospitalized at MDA. Removed 4 1/2 litres (8-9 lbs) of fluid from abdomen 4/14. Started on taxotere before release on 4/15.

5/16/11 Hospitalized for fever, neutropenic. Treated with intravenous antibiotic and antiviral. Given blood transfusion. Note that KW Cancer Center did not give me my Neulasta shot after my chemo on May 6. Onc had me cancel my 5/26 chemo until after my scan on Jun 6. Was discharged on oxygen. Test w/Dr Gerth 5/26 indicated I could go off sitting and sleeping O. Will do walking test 6/2.

6/2 Did not get requisite numbers on walking test. Left for Orlando 6/5 on walking oxygen.

6/6/11 MRI normal; CT stable. Taxotere and Neulasta at MDA 6/7 and 6/8.

6/13/11 Appointment with Dr Olham in KW

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Hi friends,

Sad tonight. One of the friends at Gilda's is in Hospice, and is expected to pass away in the next day or so. So young.....32 years old. 2 kids, and a wife. So sad.

The event this weekend was amazing, but still? I have four friends at Gilda's with Lung cancer, and all of them are stage IV and not doing well. I feel guilty. In spite of the incredible journey I've gone through, it's nothing compared to them. I just don't know what to say.

I'm just sad.

How can I be so blessed, and they are not?

I don't get it.

Judy in MI

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