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eeny meeny....Don't know if taxotere is given specifically to NSCLC or not so am putting this here. If you are a moderator and think another thread would be more appropriate, feel free to move it.

I am not good at documenting and miss Ned terribly. If he had done your treatment, you could come here and find any facts relevant to it. I'd have to check my calendar to see exactly when I started on Taxotere but I know this last Thursday was my eighth infusion. So here goes how it's gone since then.

1. Hair loss: Was told by a dr on cancergrace.org that loss definitely occurred by the second infusion. I'd had four before it started to fall out gradually. Some infusions more, some less. Seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. So far I have probably half my thick head of hair so am showing balding primarily where my hair parts and along the front hairline. Found a product called DermMatch. It's great. A powder with a large cosmetic style applicator. Stan does the obvious spots and so far I'm good to go. Have probably also lost half my eyelashes but retain enough to do some mascara. Eyebrows also fading but the DermMatch does a better job of fixing them than any pencil or quality eyebrow powder. When they are all gone, I'll check back with Judy in MI who mentioned something that is more a clay, I think I recall, and is feathered on and looks very natural.

2. Nausea: More after the early infusions but before long a compazine in the evening for 5-7 days beginning with day of infusion followed by a Zofran when needed mid morning took care of it. Haven't needed the Zofran for the last several post-infusion times.

3. Tongue blisters: Mild to severe depending on how good I am at avoiding spicy foods and wine (sigh!). I had it so bad one time that I am good on this score now. I am also pretty good at frequent swishing of a mixture of 1 tsp baking soda and 1/4 tsp salt with a cup of water. I mix it in a jar and keep it by the sink and rinse as needed--2 to 3 times a shot for a minute each, 3 to 4 times a day.

4. Constipation/Diarrhea: Taxotere has actually been the easiest in this regard. Certainly better than Alimta (constipation) and Tarceva (diarrhea). I've only had a couple of instances of constipation and they've been easily remedied.

5. Intestinal distress: Pain and/or bloating have not been a major issue with this chemo until this last infusion. Severe low intestinal distress NOT accompanied by constipation or diarrhea. Inexplicable unless it was linked to being given six zofran tabs with infusion and substitution of Neulasta shot with a shot of something called Leukine. Am interested if anyone has had experience with these accompaniments to any chemo treatments.

6. Swelling of feet and ankles: Again, not severe and not so noticeable with every infusion. It appears worse when I'm traveling and spending a lot of time sitting, particularly when sitting with my legs hanging down.

7. Almost forgot, a bright red cheek rash usually concentrated on one side. Is usually covered pretty well with make-up and only lasts a couple of days.

Think I've covered it all. Honestly, was led to expect Taxotere to be really rough. Except for hair loss, it really hasn't been bad at all. I've listed 7 side-effects I've experienced but keep in mind that some are mild and most don't even occur every infusion.

Hopefully this will provide useful info for someone.

Judy in KW

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Judy this is great to explain in detail this treatment.

I'll put the eyebrow solution here so you know where to find it. You can only get it in finer salons, or maybe the internet? It's Aura eyebrow wax. The color they gave me was called Pamela, which looked blonde to me. They assured me that it would be perfect and it was and still is. My eyebrows are still sparse so I use it still. You get an angled eyebrow brush and sweep it so it looks like fine hairs. Works great.

As for the tongue blisters, I used a concoction much like you are, and did it religiously, and it really helped keep it under control.

Thanks for the good information.

MI Judy

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Randy, I did forget to remind readers that these are possible side-effects and everyone reacts differently to chemo. I do recall, however, how comforting it was when other survivors shared a response while the medical community was saying it's wasn't in the documentation.

Judy, thanks. This DermMatch is so good, I probably won't need it til they are all gone. But without make-up, I am starting to see that shadow of myself in the mirror that I remember before as my eyelashes and eyebrows continue to fade.

Judy in KW

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Thanks for the information Judy. I have also heard that Taxotere is really rough, and it's nice to know for the future that is not necessarily the case. I wish I had known about the DermMatch and Aura eyebrow wax during my last chemo - but now have it written down in case I need it.

Nice of you to share - it is so helpful to all of use. I know we all react differently to the various treatments, but nothing is as helpful than hearing from someone who has been through it.

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