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Morning All! Best day of the week for all our working friends. Happy to help start it for you.

Stan's gone deep-drop fishing. It is as it's title described, done in 250+ water. It is also ideal for a 70 yr-old who wants to catch some prime large fish. He has to find them but when the line is dropped and a fish is on, all he does is push a button and the deep-drop device does the rest. Don't knock it if you aren't really old yet lol. Rules protect overfishing here and he can only bring 3 fish home. Plenty for us and to share with friends. The neighbors gave us some yellowtail yesterday afternoon. I was a little hunger in late afternoon and just got up and sauted me up some. Nothing better than fish just out of the sea!

Have no excuse now. Stan pumped up the tires on my bike. I'm determined to "get back on the horse" so will be trying to ride again today without falling. Wish me luck.

Read a couple of newspapers on the screen porch while Stan readied for his trip. Have to stay at MEI computer work. Did none the past two days. Will make the bike ride my break (no pun intended) so wish me luck.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning!

Ah, it's a blustery day here. The wind is howling, the trees are slapping the windows. It's awesome. A great thunderstorm rolled through last night. I'm afraid that a great deal of our leaves were blown off the trees. May have to move that trip up North up a week or so if we want to see the colors.

I went back to read the last couple of days to try to catch up and was so glad to see, Randy, that things are improving with your Dad! That's good.

Bud, I've never heard of a "heat bonus" but think it's fantastic. What a nice little reward to the crew. It's hard to imagine you are still suffering with 100 degree days. No wonder you think it's so cold up here! It is compared to you. We have a high of 50 today.

KW Judy, sounds like you are having a nice week, getting more active, and enjoying life. That's nice to see.

Eric, I think KW Judy nailed it on the head with her discernment about your 20 year Junior friend. Hmmmmmmm.................. I hope you are having fun, and I hope it is truly innocent! :D

Today I'm going to stay in PJ's for a while and swab the decks, and then head out for a manicure, and a visit to the chiropractor. I usually go every two weeks, and lately I've been slacking, and I can tell. It really helps me to have it tweaked a couple of times a month.

well, I hope you all have a good Friday. This weekend, I think I'll do the annual swapping of the clothes. They say we still have a few days that will be warm, but now a days I'm running downstairs to find something warm, more than I'm wearing something cool that is in my normal closet. It's time to swap.

Judy in MI

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we are cautiously optimistic but that is better than pessimistic any day of the week. Looking towards getting him home and no more Nursing homes! That starts YESTERDAY!!

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Day started out all blue sky, then a rain storm came through, then just gray.

Blood draw today for Monday's infusion. Blah.

Stopped by the old office and shot the breeze with some old coworkers. A project I was working on there got temporary certificate of occupancy today. The developer had tried to convince me to stay at my job until this project was complete - well, that did not happen, but I'm still here at least! I put the drawings in for permit the week I left employment, if I remember correctly. No way could I have withstood the stress and effort required for Construction Administration. Those families will start moving in later in October - some formerly homeless. I hope they like the place.

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