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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Planned to get outside in my orchid room earlier but Stan and I both got busy in the kitchen doing stuff the cleaning lady NEVER does. Now I'm resting before I go out. Should be o.k. We're expecting lower temps and more importantly lower humidity this week.

My orchid room is a disgrace. I just had it looking pretty good until I had to neglect it again. A couple of months and the weeds move in.

Stan is all excited about his upcoming pheasant hunting trip to So Dakota. He hasn't been for years and is going with his partner in crime (business). They are very compatible and sure to have a great time. My plan is not so lofty. I'm planning on making the 45 min drive to Marathon lol. I'll visit Crane Point, a bird santuary I keep saying I'll visit. Twenty-five years here, it's about time. May be able to coordinate it with a visit to my friend's house up on Summerland. Been planning on doing that for ages too. What do you think if I make another trip up later when they put in a planned zipline?

Spent the day out with Stan yesterday. We got his carryon suitcase in Ross's in KW then on too Marathon. Don't laugh, I wanted to go to KFC--when I cheat, I cheat. They closed ours in KW and Marathon is the closest. Not impressed. Won't be making the trip for that reason again.

My friend Sally recommended a landscaper and I'm anxious to call him next week. It's not a whole property job, just a couple of enclosed large planter areas. Looking forward to hearing what he suggests and getting started.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi! KW Judy it is awesome to read of your plans and excursions. Love it. I laughed about the KFC, because yesterday I was dealing with a lack of appetite, and I was driving and saw a KFC and decided that was the trick. I did manage to eat a couple of pieces and the mashed potatoes, but after that I was done.

My allergies are upsetting my tummy and I am struggling with nausea. I know the solution is to get food in my stomach, but it can be difficult.

Brad's funeral was yesterday. It was beautiful. However, I was up all night. Dealing with a strange dilemna right now. I don't know what to do with these feelings. Every single person at Gilda's Club that has lung cancer is not doing well at all. And here I sit, doing quite well relatively. I don't know how to name what I am feeling. Someone said "survivor's guilt", but I don't feel guilty. But I do feel bad. So many of them are so young. They have little children, and newly married lives, and............ I just don't know what is going on in my head.

I've debated taking a break from there, but if I do? I know that two more in the group won't be around much longer, and how cowardly is that for me to leave when my story gives them hope? I need to just pray on this (which I've been doing) and ask God to help me clarify what is going on.

Sorry....did a little rant there. But my brain has been exploding with these thoughts, and tears are flowing and I just don't know. Shouldn't I be celebrating? I see a post here about celebrating survivorship. I'm off to read that now!

MI Judy

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Good afternoon, nice and sunny here, supposed to get to the mid 70s. Stained the deck yesterday so John is out putting a second coat on now. Back at work doing about 30 hours a week, so far so good. I go back to my doctor on Tuesday, will probably start Alimta this week or next. All of the gene mutation testing they did, unfortunately, came back negative.

Doing all sorts of fun stuff today-laundry, balance checkbook, dishes...Oh well, I am thankful that I feel good enough to be able to do some of these things again.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Judy, I understand where it can be hard with your Gilda's Group, remember that it is okay to think of what is best for you sometimes too. Praying is where I always turn, it seems to always work out that way.

Happy Sunday everyone and have a good week!


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