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Good morning friends.

It's a girl!!! Harper Grace Richardson was born on Saturday, October 15th at 5:00 pm. She weighed 7 -7 and is 21 inches long. Baby and Mom are very healthy and if all remains well, they will be going home this morning. Ella is thrilled to be a big sister but Jude is still deciding on what he thinks. He loves talking about her but it was a shock for him to see the baby and realize that little Harper was the "thing" in mommy's tummy for all those months. I've been showering him with lots of special attemtion for the past two days, making sure he knows he's still our "baby"also. Last night, when he was sitting in my lap, he started making baby sounds....not a great sign. But, he's a well adjusted little boy and since he's only 3 years old this is to be expected.

I'm hoping to post a picture here...just having a wee bit of trouble.



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Good Monday Morning!

Ann, Congrats on little Harper! It's understandable that Jude will have a bit of trouble adjusting. But before you know it, she will be his baby sister that he is so proud of! If you'd like me to post a picture, just email it to me like you did with your profile picture.

Hope everyone is well and has a good day.


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Ann, congratulations to you and yours! What a wonderful thing to be able to hold a grandbaby again. I laughed when I thought of my son, our oldest and just over 3 when Wendy was born. As he got older, David was fond of saying he would have made a great only child lol. Seriously though, they were close especially through their teen years. All the boys wanted Dave to bring Wendy along when they went anywhere lol.

Judy, I do love people coming on board but it's not too weird for me when they don't. Stan's hard of hearing (don't let him hear me say that) so I'm used to talking to myself lol. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Sometimes no excitement is just very o.k.

I ordered my eyebrow stuff yesterday. I will wind up with so much eyebrow powder, I won't use it in two lifetimes. I have two colors of Lauren Hutton that I mix. The hair powder to camo balding is great for eyebrows. And of course I had to order two colors of Aura because I couldn't decide. Had to order powder to get the wax. Sounds like it will work to keep it in place. I've used powder for years because it's so natural looking but never the wax.

O.k. guys, you are not interested in eyebrow wax. How about Stan's upcoming trip to S Dakota. He's so excited. He and his friend/partner are going. They'll be pheasant hunting. Stan used to drive so if we get any to eat, he'll have to talk Donnie into taking some iced and leaving it in Ohio. He'll drive his first trip out there. Can't believe his friends have talked him into flying again. Never say never!

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi you guys, I mean girls. Ann, that's a beautiful kid. I know it happens all the time, but it still seems like a miracle to me. We never had kids. Oh well, not for the lack of effort, just didn't happen. And ,no, I don't know anything about eyebrow wax or much else on that front. But, I do enjoy pheasant roasted slowly with all the fall stuff along side. A hunting or fishing trip with some friends would be alot of fun right about now. Like I said before, cancer ate my wallet, it'll have to wait.

We're heading off to Chicago again this week. It should be a bunch cooler than here. We can't wait to walk around downtown and see as much as we can in a short time. I hope to get a pic in that glass thing that sticks out of that tall building. And that Marilyn Monroe statue that Eric shot. So much there, we'll have to go back again. Checked out the menu at Ditka's on line. that looks good, see about that. Well enough outa me, check in later.

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My friends,

I can only say thank you for being here to listen. I know this is a "just for fun" forum, but I hope you will indulge me once again. Today we took my Dad to his scheduled doctor's check up. This was scheduled in the office, 4 months ago. We did all the paperwork at that time to ensure I was the primary contact since my bro left town. So, last night, in addition to my right side pain, I got this terrible back ache on the left side and felt like I was being crushed over my rib cage. I thought I would be headed to the doctor's this morning. By the time I got up, I was very tired, but relieved.

We pick him up, and while M is putting the walker in the trunk, M hits his head on the latch and has blood all over his scalp. We mop that up and he says he is okay, so we proceed. A few minutes late, we walk in and I say, 'quite a morning'. The receptionist responds "I think it may get worse." Then asks if I recall them calling in July to reschedule as the doctor is not in this week. Uh, obviously, no, or we would not be there. She says they called his caregiver and scheduled with her. I know this is bull as she is bright enough to not schedule for us. (And she says she did not hear from them. She isn't even listed as a primary contact.) Can't see him today. I did my best to not explode, but expressed my frustration.

We get him home and tell him we will call the doctor's office before taking him to appointments in the future. He talks to the caregiver and says she should do that - she says it makes sense for me to do it since I am taking him to the appointments - he says he doesn't think I will get the right person to talk to, he wants to go over my head. I lost it. I know, he's old, and likely senile, but I just lost it. Walked out of the room before I said too much. I don't think he even noticed. I am not even sure if he knows that I am his daughter all the time. Maybe a hired driver?

I just don't have any reserve when things go wrong. No patience. I think chemo has washed it all away. We stopped on the way home for some Chinese dumplings and a little pastry thing. I had a nice latte at home and it was a beautiful blue sky fall day. I'm okay right now. I'm not asking for anything from anyone. But too many days are like this. I can't laugh stuff off easily anymore, hard as I try. I'll probably miss group this week as it is a few hours after my scan and those smoothies have their way with me. This is just part of the conversation. I hope you don't mind.


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