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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Didn't get back in later yesterday and missed Sue's post. Let's throw everything we have behind her Mom for good results from yesterday's scan.

Judy, I like your approach to the volunteer work at your church. Take a wait and see attitude. When you are giving your time away, you should feel needed and appreciated by the people you work with.

Ann, I have not been in town but see the pictures on TV and remember the streets that used to get flooded even in a normal rainy season. This is crazy. After I went to bed last night, the winds were really bad. Stan found chairs blown off the upper to lower deck in our screen porch. Potted plants were blown over and tree limbs down. It sounded like a hurricane but didn't last too long--or I fell asleep, don't know which. I desparately need the sun.

Was so excited yesterday talking with the landscaping guy. The rain even stopped while he was here. He was recommended by a friend and just a down-to-earth guy. Wasn't fu-fu at all and agreed with some of my selections and made good suggestions himself, even incorporating things I already have. Don't have a place for my ground orchids so we decided to utilize some big attractive pots I also already have and put them in the back yard. Got to admit. Get more excited about new plants than new furniture lol!

Before I close, I miss all of you who aren't posting but am most concerned to hear from Annette. Hey girl, how's it going? Check in when you get time.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 48 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 69. This front is our first real cool-off of the fall. Yesterday morning, I rode to work against 30 mph north wind gusts. I averaged 10.8 mph for the ride, my slowest ride to work yet in the two years I've been commuting by bike.

We made a trip to Oklahoma last weekend, to visit my sister and old friends. Counting Rose and I, my friend and his wife, and my sister and her husband, one half of each couple uses a CPAP device. It's an age thing, I guess......LOL.

Not much excitement in my neck of the woods to report. Beautiful baby, Ann! Have a great day, all!

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Hi everyone.

I am not even going to try and catch up on everything. I have read a few posts once in a while but really not kept up as I should. My toenail removal is not healing as fast as I expected and I have had some other issues. Severe headaches I think were a combination of sinus and tmj. Remind me to never order a sandwich at Subway on Oat bread again. It is just too hard and I am pretty sure that is what set the tmj to giving me fits of headaches. Also antibiotics for toe has caused some resurfacing of my GERD or at least the pain it brings.

I am staying in a lot and working on some sewing projects. also doing some long overdue cleaning. I will post about some of it in the grieving forum. Time is passing so fast and it won't be long until I will be heading to Louisiana again for the holidays as well as my grandson's graduation from college and later my graddaughter giving birth to her baby. Speaking of babies Ann your new granddaughter is beautiful.

I am sending best wishes to all of you. Judy (both of you hope you are doing well and feeling great. Annette hope you can get back on an even keel soon. Praying that whatever your problem is you will get through it and come out stronger than ever. Bud enjoy your cool weather after so much heat in the summer. Our weather her is just perfect. I sure wish I could go out and walk but my toe won't let me wear shoes that I can walk more than a few feet in. Early rain we had has turned some of the grass green and when I have gone out to the doctor I have seen that all of the leaves are starting to put on a show. I hope I get my car started soon so I can go for a drive and enjoy them.

For all the rest of you I pray that you are well and safe. Still wondering what happened to Bruce. He seems to have quit posting here. Not sure if he is posting on the other forums I haven't spent any time reading them lately.

Again have a great day everyone and I do enjoy your posts when I come to read.

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Good evening friends.

It has been a very gusty, cold and wet day today. We are expecting a lot of rain tonight and are under a wind warning, as well as a flood warning. It seems so sad, we've lost a couple young folks in the last two days on big Lake Michigan. The waves are huge, and they went out to jet ski and drowned. The waves are giant out there, and it's so sad.

I've been inside since Sunday and am getting cabin fever! The winds have been insane and more trees have come down again. We lost power this afternoon too. I am so thankful for that auto on generator when the lights go out for a moment. That is all it takes to kick in and it's so reassuring to hear that machine come on.

Got some news about a black bear in our area! He's been spotted several times now and just a couple miles from my home. I miss Bruce here, and would expect this in his area, but here? Everyone assures me that they are elusive, and I hope so. Can't imagine my dogs running up against that beast.

Did you hear about the wild animals in Ohio? The person caring for them opened their cages, and then took his life. They've been running around all day trying to humanely capture them, but unfortunately they had to kill most. There were over 30 lions and tigers. Two grizzlies, some brown bears. They told everyone to stay inside until they gave the all clear. There's still a baboon and a wolf loose. How weird is that?

Anyway, it's evening here, and I'm getting ready to settle in and watch some stupid tv. I think Criminal Minds is on tonight, and for some morbid reason I love that show. R is out at an evening business outing, so I'm on my own.

MI Judy

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