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Thursday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Hello,where's everyone gone?

Today abeautiful bright sunny Autumn day and really mild,its funny our temps vary so much here day to day,you never know if its T shirts or fur coats until you go outside.

Well another day of gyming,swimming,jacuzzi's (is that the correct spelling?)steam room and sauna's,boy this is hard work.I had a roofer person today ,my roof has sprung a leak and has left a damp patch on my upper bedroom ceiling,its a faulty lead flashing around my chimney,the guy looked at the job said he would phone me tomorrow with a price.At the same time I have had a price for a new back door,its seen better days,I put it in myself about 20 years ago,its hardwood,and I am having it replaced with a plastic one,better thermal insulation and security.

Well my lung cancer advocancy diary continues to be busy,the Evening Times wants to interview me again for another project they are starting,they tell me I will be interviewed tomorrow or next week.I also received an invitation from the Roy Castle LC Found to attend a Lung Cancer Conference in Manchester on the 23rd of November all expenses paid,my teddy and suitcase is already packed.

Next week, Wed,at Victoria Hospital,Kircaldy to give a talk on lung cancer surviviorship to approx 40 LC nurses and oncologists etc.

Thursday,at Edinburgh for my next SIGN meeting,this also includes attending a course in critical analysis,that is required in compiling this report?.Saturday,I am at Glasgow Uni for the graduation of my last two classes of students,I left behind when I retired,this will be my last occassion I will attend,sniff,its such a lovely place and ceremony,I will of course be taking plenty of pics.

Tonight,its relax e vous,spralled out in front of the TV,Kitchen Nightmares USA with Gordon Ramsey,one of my simple pleasures,I know its formulaic and rude,but I still enjoy it.Bye.

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Another pleasant autumn day. 47? Feels like 55.

Had the plumber in this morning to replace the filler in the toilet - too many drip, drip, drips. I was glad I called for a pro - he had trouble loosening up the nut - I would have stripped it or worse if I had a go at it.

There is a K-8 school at the end of the block and they are having a harvest festival, tomorrow I think, kids only. Today that means the parents who came to help prep have filled the street with cars. The plumber ended up having to park in my neighbor's driveway (I checked with her first.) So good to have a neighbor who has become a friend. Helps a lot that she was also a friend of a friend before we both moved here (we bought within a day of each other!)

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Not a good day here. Woke to very severe pain in my back ribs on the left. Went to the ER and they diagnosed pleurasy.

I was due for a CT and in fact received a call from scheduling yesterday to schedule it. Well, it's done now, so I don't need to schedule it. I'll call my Onc and set up the follow up appointment now.

They said that there are two nodules now. And both have grown slightly. I know the one was 4.5 mm, and he said if it got to 5mm they would pet scan and probably operate and remove the lobe. *sigh*

I'm not going to look into the future and make predictions. I'll let the Onc. do that. But obviously I'm not thrilled to hear this.

I am going to go lay down. The morphine did a good job with the pain, and I'm really drowsy.

Judy in MI

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Just stopped in a minute to say hello. Having a problem with my shoulder. I pulled it bad while doing some crochet and now it is hurting from the top down into my sholder blade on the right side. I feel like I am bruised on that side. I am starting to think that I may have Fibermiralga because all of my muscles seem to be so tender at times.

Got my car started last night. The problem was my starter. I will drive it for now but not sure how much I trust it not to leave me stranded somewhere. My nephew will change it while I am gone to Louisiana for the holidays.

Eric you amaze me with all that you do. It also sounds like Scotland is more willing to listen and learn about lung cancer than the US is. People here still think that all there is to ending lung cancer is to get everyone to quit smoking.

Judy I hope that you are feeling better and that nodule is not much bigger. Please let us know and know that there are many in this family who are praying for you.

Well I can't sew and writing on here is hurting my shoulder too so guess I will go read. I posted a music vidio on facebook that you may enjoy. It seems so appropriate right now. My dear friend Maxine's son sang it at her memorial. It is still so sad to come here. Some days I just have to stay away. I wish I were stronger but so much suffering both physical and emotional touches me too deep especially this time of year when so much is still so fresh in my mind.

I hope all of our friends who haven't posted in a while are still doing good and will let us hear from them. Take care and God Bless.

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Judy in MI,

You know I am not a doctor, but .5mm in change is really small. Please read this piece from Grace:

http://cancergrace.org/lung/2011/08/09/ ... -scanning/

5 mm is also really small to consider surgery. That's my opinion.

Sorry to hear about more pain in the ribs. Pleurisy is something I only think of from old fiction books. Now that I read a bit, I have to say, I resemble that - but I guess since my pain was lower (not in the chest) it ain't it. And nothing showed on my chest x-ray. I guess my liver sack is just irritating my diaphragm. Did they put you on antibiotics or anything?

Good luck with the car Lily.

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Thanks Steph, for the article. What the Onc says is that at .5 mm, it is big enough to be Pet scanned. If it lights up on the Pet, he wants to remove the lobe. Obviously a lot of thought and research is going to go into this before I allow that. I already am missing one. However, I've been assured by others here that missing two lobes is not as bad as it sounds. We'll see.

MI Judy

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