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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Rain rain go away. I got out and did some of the prep work for the landscaping. Much too heavy work for me, was sweating and aching and my face beet red. Guess it's lucky it poured much the remainder of the day lol. I did get back out and do a few more things. Stan wasn't thrilled with me but he didn't give me too much flack. He's laid up with a really bad hip. Could have been extreme walking between the hunting and the walking at the airports. I'm not feeling too badly today so I may sneak out and do a little more.

Stephanie, that's a movie I'd like to see. I'm not a sports buff either but it's gotten great reviews. Glad you got out and distracted for awhile. We're still waiting for those ALK results, aren't we?

Eric, I'll bet you're glad that tile job is done. I look around at all Stan did to finish our house and am glad it was ten years or more ago. His knees couldn't handle it now. He also did some beautiful counters though, one is porcelain. He really enjoyed doing them.

Small crafts warning and the dumb a neighbors went out fishing. Two old fools. It was overcast and windy earlier but it looks like we might get some sun now. Rain rain go away....except in Texas. Bud, how are the lakes doing? Haven't heard you fishing much lately.

Allan, how much snow? Janet, we hear Connecticut fared the worse. Hope you at least have power. To any and all in the storm zone, be well, keep warm.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hey folks

Sorry for not being here in awhile. I have tried to find time to read almost every day but haven't been posting. Really busy time of the year with alot of traveling for work and trying to get everything on the farm ready for winter. I have a neighbor going through a difficult time with L/C so been trying to help him out as well. Thanks for thinking about me and yes Eric the tutu is put away for another year. LOL

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Hi all!

Bruce, we've missed you! So glad to hear all is well. So nice of you to help the friend out.

I won't complain about weather because we did not get that nasty snow storm. I remember one year we did get an ice storm when leaves were still on the trees. Tons of trees came down, and we lost power for over a week. That is why I now have an auto-on generator.

Slow weekend here. Not feeling great with the pleurisy. But I'm okay.

R is at his buddy's house. They are sitting in lounge chairs outside, shooting at ducks. Dorks. LOL

MI Judy

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