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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Wish I could take time to read today but there's no rest for the weary. Been taking care of business including picking up alot of Stan's slack. His hip is still acting up. Of course, he won't go to the doctor so....

Spent all day Monday in the computer doing stuff the Accountant emailed me after looking at the copy of QBs I sent her, sigh. At least I was able to do it. Can remember when I couldn't. Yesterday off bright and early to the Onc here in KW then a huge grocery shopping with Stan. Back home we put it all away and I'm trying to keep things orderly. Tomorrow I'll be gone all day for chemo. They really drag it out!

Have to make a call to Dr T in Orlando today. This Onc here is putting me in an awkward position suggesting tests and procedures and suggesting I'm on Taxotere longer than may be need. I let him manipulate me into saying I'd call and see why she never responded to his Sep letter.

Right now I'm off to addressing the multiple items in the Accountant's email and sending her a new Accountant's Copy of our QBs. I'm already tired.

Have a great day everyone. I'll be back and happy when I have time to rest.

Judy in KW

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Hello all,

It's a dreary Wednesday here. Uncanny warm too. 61 degrees.

Well it's "date night" tonight, so I'm going to work on the house for a few hours and then get dolled up for an evening out with my sweetie.

Other than that, not much going on around here.

Judy, don't work too hard. Sounds like you have a lot going on!

Have a good day!

MI Judy

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Oh dear, I didn't get back on Sunday and missed Bruce. I'll catch up with him. I figured he was busy.

Bud, still waiting to hear if you went out in costume on Halloween. If so, we want a pic.

Muriel, looks like I missed you on Good News. I'll try to find the post--but since it was "good", congratulations.

Judy, sounds like a nice night planned. We got a last minute invite to dinner. It will be nice to see snowbirds just back but I'll miss those tacos we were going to have.

Yes Judy, I do have a lot going. Not least is an onc here who is supposed to be overseeing my chemo but is suggesting procedures. He has gone so far as to write in a progress report to my MDA Onc that he doesn't think keeping me on Taxotere is an appropriate treatment! Oh my. This guy is the only game in town. I have to make it work. We cannot start making the 18-hr round trip to Orlando every three weeks again. Been there, done that the first year after dx. Think it's time for an opinion from Cancergrace.org.

Judy in KW

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Went to Qi Gong practice this morning - the teacher greeted me with a "Don't you look bright eyed this morning?" I made it through almost the entire set of routines without needing to rest.

Yesterday I got my hair cut and for the first time in three years, the stylist (more than a cutter for a change, though the same hip barber shop) did not comment on the weird texture of my hair - he thought it seemed healthy - and lots of it. It's straighter than it's been since I was 12 or so. Another short cut. Wash and wear hair for me.

Still here, still planning to go away for a couple of weeks...

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Good evening, everyone!

It was 59 degrees as I rode to work this morning. It was 78 degrees for my ride home, but then this front came blasting in with 40 mph northwest winds. It will be chilly, and a tough ride against that north wind in the morning, and it's supposed to get down near freezing tomorrow night.

When I was diagnosed with lung cancer, Rose and I did wills, medical directives, power of attorney, and all that. We never did get around to discussing burial though. Of all things, that ended up being the main topic of discussion Sunday night at a family gathering at Rose's sister's house.

Everyone was saying where and how they wanted to be buried. I'm a veteran, and Rose said that she wanted us both buried at the DFW National Cemetery in Grand Prairie. So we decided that's what we'd do.

As soon as the burial discussion ended, our daughter's boyfriend broke out a ring, dropped to bended knee, and proposed to our daughter. So we went directly from a burial arrangement discussion to a wedding arrangement discussion. It was an interesting evening.

Bud, still waiting to hear if you went out in costume on Halloween. If so, we want a pic.

We were Antony and Cleopatra. Have a great day, all!


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I have been laying off of the computer for a while to give my arm and shoulder a chance to rest and get better. Glad to see so many posting and that all seem active and busy. I just could't pass up telling Bud how nice their costurmes are. You make a very nice looking couple.

Not much going on here. Tomorrow I will book my trip to Louisiana for the end of this month. Shopping and a hair cut on the list of things to do tomorrow. I have a lot of projects on hold until my arm is better. Weather here has been beautiful but started to cool down. Clouds and coldtemperatures due in tonight. In two days we will go from highs in the 80s to highs in the 50s. Oh well I rather the cool weather than the heat. Leaves are beautiful and look forward to the snow on the mountains around. Have a great evening everyone.

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