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Morning All! Another beautiful Fall day. I'll get outside soon. The elephant in the room is the boat races. Stan had a really bad day yesterday with his hip. I finally said maybe I needed to take the decision to not go out of his hands. I'm terribly disappointed but he doesn't need to be bouncing around on a long boat ride. To top it off he had the driver's bench taken away Friday to have new leather put on it. That wound mean standing without even the bench to sit or lean on while he's driving.

Think I'll have breakfast and play in the orchid room. We're chipping away at the clutter he's made in the lower screenroom and carport. I am so happy about that. In healthier days, when Stan left for a work trip, the first things I'd do is tidy up the house and then head out to the screenroom, carport and front yard. He's a clutterbug lol. I haven't been able to keep up with it in years now.

Hope you all have glorious weather. Judy good luck with the gas issue. Ginny happy golfing??? Stephanie, I would have loved to see that sky.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon!

Well the LP gas seems to be working well. Still a bit nervous about it, but everything works, hot water, stove, heat, so I guess I should stop trying to borrow trouble when there is so much of it around these days.

What a frustrating day today. Hate to be whiney, but I'm going to whine never the less. Started the day with no internet. The WiFi card has been moody in the last few days. When I couldn't even get email, I decided to go to the Verizon store and see what is up. Of course, the minute I got there it worked just fine. I asked them to call tech support to see if there is an issue with the tower by my home. But they couldn't do that because I'm not authorized on the account. Tried to call R to get him to verbally authorize me but of course he's heading way up North where there is no cell service. Urggggg.

I leave there to grab lunch and then grocery shop, when I see an AT&T store. I am having issues with my iPhone synching my calendar correctly, and since I had my PC and phone with me, I popped in there. They politely told me this is an issue with the iPhone and Apple, not AT&T and directed me to that store. I stopped and ate a quick sandwich, grocery shopped, and then impulsively decided to drive across town to the Apple store since I was out and about.

I go into the Apple store, and they direct me to a woman with an orange iPad. I explain the issue and she said she'd be happy to make appointment for me to see the tech support.

I said when would that be, and it was 1 1/2 hours away. I'm not feeling like walking around the mall holding my lap top so I get their business card to make an appointment because I can't make an appointment on my iPhone because it won't synch to my calendar, to make the appointment right there. She happily hands me her card and tells me I can make an appointment on line if I'm so inclined. To which I said, that would be great IF I had internet at home. Urgggggggggggg........

It was so stupid it actually was funny. I couldn't help but laugh at that point because the stars were not aligning with me today. LOL.

Driving home, R calls me but my phone didn't ring so I didn't know it. I look down and see that he called, so quickly I call him back and nothing happens, no voice mail, nothing. I left a message saying that "technology just was not going to cooperate with me today so maybe we'll try this again tomorrow."

So I get home, unload groceries, fire up lap top and WiFi card and it's working just fine. Sheesh.

Enuf said.


MI Judy

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So sorry for your tech problems Judy. The husband of a friend years ago told my husband not to bug me when my computer was not working. He heeded the warning and still does. I'm so appreciative.

Slow day but washing up all the company dishes for Thanksgiving. They are on the diningroom table covered with cloth napkins. Just didn't have the energy for the orchid room but had to accomplish something.

Just had my first glass of wine since my last chemo because of tongue and mouth issues and it is going right to my head lol. BTW, I am reading a book: Sue Miller, While I was Gone. She's already used two words I don't recognize which is unusual for me. Can't remember the first but by the second, I had to look it up and message it to my grandson on FB. He is a lover of books and words too. Here it is: pellucid.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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In less than five hours it will be Monday again. Argh.

Looks like you didn't end up blown to Kingdom Come, MI Judy. Where does the hubster go that's "north"? I'm about middle of the mitten on the sun rise side....

Took hubby and did some shopping yesterday. Kohl's was having a sale (aren't they always?) AND I had a 30% off card, as well as another card for $10 off - I saved more than I spent! Hubby has been wanting a specific coffee maker and the stars had all aligned, so I picked it up, along with some flannel shirts for my father-in-law for Christmas (I drew his name in the family drawing - ~$15 for shirts originally marked at $46 isn't too bad).

I think I may be coming down with something, besides Monday Aversion. Woke up to a really dry mouth and throat this morning and have felt kinda foggy. Secondary symptom would be a digestive system that feels like a heavy artillery shelling - loud enough to have the dog looking at me strangely. Maybe there's a sick day or two in my future, wa-hoo! Add to that the positive side effect of weight loss and it'll be a big mark in the win column!

Oh Lily, I never would eat venison when my dad made it. Couldn't get past the Bambi vision...I had to TASTE it (house rules) but I didn't have to eat it if I didn't want it. I had to give the hubby the same consideration when he made it a point to cook it for me, after telling me that he cleans it more thoroughly than most. He knows what he's talking about.

As for being able to choke down some beef, I have a friend who grew up on a dairy farm. I've seen those beautiful little calves and the mommies have such sweet and kind eyes... I love steak, but I know where it comes from, as well. Piggies are cute, too. I haven't really felt the desire to be the one who shoots the deer and has to field dress it (hubby said he'd do that if I were to go with him and get one), but I help butcher it when he brings in the quarters. It keeps the grocery bill lower, and the meat is actually healthier than beef and pork - go figure!

...and yes, it surprised him that I didn't get all squimish over the venison as we were butchering it, since he thinks I'm prissy...LOL

I sooooo don't want to go to work tomorrow..or Tuesday...or Wednesday... We'll see what the rest of the month brings, I may be out of a job by then, as she can't run her business in the building she is in after the end of the month and hasn't looked for any place to move. Seriously.

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Hi Becky,

You are a stronger woman than I. There is no way I could ever help butcher it, much less field dress it! You are right though that it can help with the budget!

Yeah it's blowing here big time! I live on a bluff, and it sounds like a hurricane out there.

Up North for R is Houghton Lake this time. They are staying in a log cabin (very rustic) but I'm sure having a great time!

I hope you don't lose your job.

I have the cold, and it's pretty miserable. I called in to my volunteer job tomorrow already and said I won't be there. I'm coughing so hard, there is blood in it. Doctor's office tomorrow for sure.

MI Judy

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Houghton Lake is about a half hour from me. Seriously.

If not for the lack of income, losing the job would be great. My house is a disaster area, hubby is working 12-hour days and weekends are spent sleeping and relaxing. Home-cooked meals are a dim memory.

Butchering really isn't that bad, but the roadkill one really did make me feel weak in the knees.

Less than three hours and it's Monday. Ack.

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I spent a very lazy Sunday, didn't even get dressed. I spent the day finishing a puzzle that i have been working on and watching tv. Watched the movie Elf. I really don't like doing any Christmas things before Thanksgiving but there is never anything much on on Sunday if you don't watch football so I had to break my rule.

Becky my son was at his hunting camp today and he killed a deer this morning. He is planning on spending several days there after Thanksgiving. He puts a lot of money and time into that lease so he has to make the most of it. He usually gets several wild pigs during the year. They are really taking over in so many places. Hard for him to decide this time of year hunting season is open and this is the best time of year for fishing in Louisiana. Last week he caught his limit of 25 speckeled trout and 22 white trout plus 2 big redfish and he was finished fishing by 8:30am. I sure hope that I get a chance to go if the one day permit is not too high.

We used to raise our own beef too. I was the one who bottle fed them. Sometimes we would get two at a time from the auction if we didn't have a cow with a calf. We always had fresh meat and fresh milk and I made my own butter. Oh that was so good!! Today I don't eat much beef. It is just not in the budget with my bills and only Social Security for income. I had rather pork any way. I eat a lot of chicken too. It is cheap and I always seem to have a lot. I buy the ones already cooked sometimes too. Finally figured out what to do with it after eating from it a couple of days. Weight Watchers has a real good chicken salad recipe and it is low cal.

I guess I will go soak my foot before bed time. I have an appointment again Wednesday and I am going to ask her to not remove the dead skin again. Every time it quits hurting so digs in it again. She worries because it is red around it but there is no pain, swelling or seeping. It just gets redder as the day wears on. I think it has a lot to do with the gout.

I hope all of you get past your colds. I am trying very hard to not get sick. I don't go out too often and when I do I am always washing my hands or using the wipes or hand sanatizer. I also use the saline spray twice a day. So far so good. Biggest thing for me is to not get over hearted. I seldom use heat in my house. It has to get pretty cold and at night I don't use heat unless it gets down in the low 50s. Heaters seem to always mess up my sinus and give me a head cold.

Well off to the soak. Have a good night everyone.

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