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Kids Don't Lie!


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Hey Everyone,

I don't know whether I should laugh or cry about this one. I saw several clients today for the first time since the holiday (they haven't seen me without my wig yet.) I bebopped into the lobby, not even thinking about my hair. Each time people were shocked by my hair, exclaiming "Why did you cut off your hair?" Then I would have to explain I had cancer and went through chemo and blah..blah..blah.-I had a really good wig! These people knew I had cancer, because I had been out from work. Now the entire lobby knew I had cancer too. The children I didn't mind so much when they said "I like your wig better!" However, when I had a father tell me "You should wear your wig till your hair grows back out!" I felt it necessary to set him straight that "I like my real hair better!" Oh but, I really don't. I have a small afro. My hair is so curly! I think it will look good once it grows, but the curl is a little too tight for now. I just want to put my wig back on till my hair grows out, but the wig is too itchy. Anyone else experience this?


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I just got back from working the KC Sport Show which I have worked for about 12 years. I have a circle of friends that work the show also and we see each other once a year. Well, lol, they have not seem me since I was dx'd and they all came up and said how good I looked and what had I been doing to lose so much weight and they REALLY liked my hair............I didn't know if I should tell them about my cancer or if I should just accept the compliments, lol. I ended up telling them about the cancer BUT told them I was stable and THEN thanked them for the compliment, lol!

God Bless,


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Yes, Cheryl, Lucie is experiencing the same thing. She has been wearing her own hair for several months now and it has not grown fast. She also prefers her own hair to the hot wigs, turbines, etc. It has grown out with a mind of its own -- cowlicks and all. She is going tomorrow to have it trimmed up a bit. It is like baby hair, it is so fine and soft. She only wore her wig to church, so that may be why it is an easy transition for her. Good luck, and hang in there while it grows! Don

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