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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Coming in a little late, gathering the young man's stuff up preparatory to his leaving. Of course, he's 13 so still sleeping lol.

Dominick hasn't uploaded the photos to my computer yet. Then I want to install my new Adobe Elements and see if it's easier to resize and send a pic here.

Ann, you must be loving this weather because I'm cold lol. Put on a sweater, slippers and a little blanket to sit on the porch this morning. Dominick is thrilled it's getting cold. He can wear his new Drop Dead jacket we gave him for Christmas. Glad that other kind of cold is getting better. That's about how long mine took.

Going to go wake the kid and make pancakes. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hello all!

Judy, it sounds like you have had a wonderful time with your Grandson! What a great kid to have around. These days a lot of 13 year olds want nothing to do with family. It's nice.

The doctor did call, and I am going to have a biopsy. The results may be inconclusive, because he is not sure he can get a piece of it. At the same time, they do not want to do the 3 month CT scan regime. They said I have been exposed to so much radiation, that the CT's actually can cause more cancer. Nice.

I didn't get to talk to the doctor, so I don't know what their next step solution is. They are reluctant to remove another lobe due to how young I am. And yet? They say it's the best solution.

So, who knows what is going to happen. They will call today and tell me when the biopsy is scheduled. It is probable that it will be next Monday or Tuesday.

Am curious to hear from folks that have had a needle biopsy. Was it painful? Were you sore afterwards? Trying to plan my next couple of weeks and not sure what to expect.

Anyway, I'm helping out at church today. R has a bunch of guys coming over to "practice" grilling pheasants. Decided I wanted to not be around all of that testosterone! LOL.

We got a pretty sprinkling of snow. The sun is beaming and it's 21 degrees out. A very pretty day.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Judy in MI

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Hi Mi. Judy, I had needle biopsies 3 times. 2 of them right in the CT room. They stuck a mesh patch on my back and scanned me. The patch acts like a grid so they can target the spot. They put me in and out of the CT machine a couple of times to be sure on the location. They had me "twilighted". not full anastesia. When they were ready, the guy in charge of the drug gave it a little boost and out I went. They used 2 needles. a little one for novacaine, then the real deal. I felt only a tiny bit of pressure but no real pain. There was a pathologist there to make sure there was enough gathered for proper analasys. They brought me around, stood me up and away I went. just a band-aid. The second time, they couldn't get enough and had to stick in a bigger one to get a core sample. Now that one hurt for a while. The last one they did through a bronchoscope. That's the easiest of all for me. The hard part as you might guess is WAITING for the results. It had to go to an independent lab. took a week. I don't know which you need but hope that helps answer your ?? This is way too long, so Hi to all you folks, I'm glad you're all back on here after the busy holiday. I had a great time and I hope you all did too.

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Good evening, everyone!

It was 30 degrees when I got up this morning. It warmed to 60 degrees this afternoon with sunny skies, a beautiful day, although the south wind did get up this afternoon.

I didn't ride to work this morning. I had an oncologist follow up appointment, so had to leave work early and drive to Dallas for it. There was no scan, but everything was fine with my blood work.

Good luck with the biopsy, MI Judy. I have no experience with that. My tumor was so obviously lung cancer that my doctors recommended going straight to surgery without a biopsy, which agreed with what I had already decided.

Eric, as it shows in this image, my kayak's pedal drive is actually toward the front of the kayak. Mine is actually what's usually called a hybrid kayak, because although it's made of plastic like most kayaks, it's actually more like a canoe, except for its tunnel hull, which makes it very stable for such a small boat. Here's a video that explains the kayak very well. It shows a 12 foot kayak, while I have the 14.5 foot version, but it works the same.

Have a great day, all!

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Judy - I had a needle biopsy this last dx. Same as Alan's experience, only no "twilight" drug - just a local to deaden the area - lidocaine I think. The biggest deal was that since I only had one lung they were worried about collapsing the lung and so had a surgeon standing by to insert a tube -- but no problem, no pain (just like a small pinch). They spent the most time lining everything up - the needle part only took a moment. So far it's been the easiest thing I've done in connection with this disease.


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