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Friday's AIR


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I laughed when I saw all the add-on's in Thursdays air. Well, I've been sequestered for 19 plus days so maybe it's not Friday? LOL. I have no sense of time here, so whether it's Monday, Thursday or Sunday makes no difference to me.

I'm sitting in my cozy little room, looking outside my window at a very snowy, bleak and frigid picture. That is one thing to be thankful for. I'm not out in that! I guess it's like 3 degrees out there. I convinced R to spend the day with his brother from Texas. He flies home tomorrow, so I wanted them to have a little goof off time together. He was worried about me being "alone" here. You are never alone at the hospital. Just when you think you may be alone enough to take a snooze, a beeper goes off, a phone rings, pagers page, and machines whirrrrrr. LOL. I am enjoying a quiet day here with just me. After I get done catching up on line, I've got a good old fashioned crossword puzzle book just begging me to dig in.

The recommendation is for me to have chemotherapy again. Not sure what to think or do about that, so since it's Friday I am putting that all on the back burner until Monday or later. I just pray for the lobe to heal enough to allow me to get off the epidural, and see what oral medications I can take to help with the pain. I can't wait to get home. I miss my puppies more than ever. I just want to take Olive's bushy little face and mush it, and pull Gibson's tail and have him fake growl at me. I can't wait.

Just when you think you have things figured out, real life happens, and it becomes something you can't begin to understand. If I've learned anything it is that there are no constants, no promises made that can't be broken, and no looking into the future to see what it brings.

My pastor came by today and reminded me that if we stand back and look at all the situations in life that challenge us, we have to realize that we can't do a thing to change tomorrow. So we might as well just stay in today and make the best of it.

I hope I convinced R to sleep at home tonight. The roads are treacherous, and his brother flies home tomorrow. I hope they stay put, enjoy a glass of wine, and just relax. I am fine, I am being well taken care of. I can get around in my room if I am careful of the myriad of cords hanging from various parts of my body. LOL.

So at this late hour, not sure if anyone will chime in, but am glad that I could feel well enough to put my two cents in for today!

Judy in MI

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Thanks Judy for posting,there is a gap in my understanding of what has happened with you since last Friday.I know you have gone through surgery,my very best wishes that everything has gone well and that your full recovery is underway.

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