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Monday's Air


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While it's late to open the windows, I'll do it anyway. It is 36 here with a sprinkling of light snow. It's beautiful with the ground covered in a white powder that makes me think of the powdered sugar that covers my favorite donuts.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 45! In Michigan, that's almost warm enough to open the windows for sure for a short burst of warm air. LOL.

Today was a good day. My best friend came over, and took good care of me. She looked at my list of meds, and set them out for the day. She made sure I took the ones I don't like to take because they make me sleepy. But as a result, I slept for 4 hours this morning, which is what is supposed to happen. Later she got me up and heated up some left over Lasagna, and spooned up some fresh fruit. Both tasted so good.

She took the ornaments off the tree (can you believe it's still up on January 30???? All that is left for R is to take the branche down and tuck them into the storage box and fold them away for next year. there are a few strings of lights to be tucked away too.

I have a pile of bill type paperwork to go through, and a pile of cards to write thank you notes to folks.

And my friend figured out why my wireless card was not working! It is so nice to have someone step in and fix the prolem. Yeah.

It's time for me to lay my head down for a nap, and that is it. Thank you God for this blessing.

Judy in MI

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true blue friends are such a blessing! its about 65 down here Judy and t shirt weather!! was 36 when I got up this am though and took mocha out!!

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Afternoon All! I thought I posted this morning but I don't see anything. Tom, I thought I posted you with the Monday's Air. I've been busy in the office and must have lost my head.

Judy, glad you're comfortable at home with people tending to you. Sounds like sleep is what you really need. Good to have great friends.

Tom, I'm so glad you and Tee can make lunch on Saturday. I was afraid it would be too late in your trip but it would be the best for me. I do think it would be good for Tee if we met. I would have liked to have met a 4 1/2 yr survivor in person when I was starting out. And she can feel free to ask me any questions she wants. We will leave the restaurant in the air for now if that's o.k. We would recommend John's next to the Asian restaurant in Duval Square. It has a tree-canopied outdoor cafe that is delightful. If it's rainy or chilly, you might prefer indoors and there are plenty of those--maybe Chicos on Stock Island if you haven't been there. Or Alonzos, or Turtle Crawls, or Pepe's--no shortage of restaurants lol. Unless you have a favorite "repeat," you might want something new. We live here so we'd be happy with anyplace.

Hi Randy, nice weather down here too but a little cooler today than it has been.

Got to go, Stan's cooking wings and I can't wait!!!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Well, I'm glad you finally put the plans with Tom and Tee on the AIR! I'm a nosy little thing and was feeling left out. I'm so feeling (hate the word jealous) so I'll use "craving" for good Key West Fare.

I can't remember the place we ate at, but it was outdoors, with the big palms like Judy said. I think they had live shrimps or crawfishes or something like that crawling on the bar. That's about all I remember. LOL. The cocktails were good too! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Or maybe that was New Orleans. Oh my gosh! Silly me.

I do remember we went to this out door bar and the entertainment was an irish man singing these irish ditty's with lots of funny lyrics. He had a heavy brogue, and brought the audience into his songs. It was great fun.

And then there were the drinks....................LOL

If my somewhat dim memory serves me right, I was about ten years younger than now, and life hadn't hit me with serious stuff like cancer, so we were living quite carefree. We stayed at the hotel at the very farthest Western tip of Key West, out on the point. It was lovely. So was the young man, who took us there after hours of eating and drinking, on his rick shaw type bike. Well now I'm just sounding absolutely full of it, aren't i? Ah memories.

Keep in mind that this was in January/February, after leaving a particularly nasty, blustery and bitter cold winter in Michigan. The tropical, balmy breezes alone could make us tipsy with joy at the warm weather.

Have fun you guys!

Judy in MI

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