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Morning All! Brrrr is all I have to say about our weather. What about yours??? Bud, somehow I just don't think about snow in Texas.

Alan, what you said here yesterday says a lot. Cranky or not, it's good to see you. Just pop in every now and then to let us know you are o.k.

Randy, I know you are always there lurking. If I see your name removed as moderator, I'll know you've moved on and go chase you down on FB. lol

Bud, I am so glad you cleared the biking thing up. Like Ann, I thought this would be it until after the surgery. Should have known better with you lol. The trainer in the garage sounds like it would be better than nothing post-surgery. We would miss you if you left us altogether.

Judy hasn't be around lately. I know she was bothered when it got so slow here on the Air. I told her to wait it out but didn't mean to not post while she waited. I checked on her CarePages. It may be because she's caught up in adjusting to oxygen. I don't mean to minimize it. I came home on oxygen last Spring myself and it wasn't fun. But my SATs were also 84 and in about two or three weeks they were 88 and I was off it. That's the level below which Medicare requires you to be to pay for home oxygen. I had one big home unit with a long hose and a fairly large tank on wheels that I used when we went out. Stan just put it in the car behind me and off we went. If it was a short stop, I often left it in the car. Longer and he took it out and I wheeled it beside me. Hang in there Judy.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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good morning everyone! Time to get ready for Valentines day! If your my friend ON FB Check out my Profile pic! Homemade and one of only valentines day gifts to make me cry.. Miss my baby!! Love Y'all !!

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Last week was a busy week for us. After having a delightful lunch with Judy and Stan on Saturday, Feb 4th, Tee and I left Key West early Sunday morning for the drive to Port St. Lucie. Always takes a bit longer thru the Keys since most of the first 125 miles is 45 mph limit. Here's a picture of Tee, Judy and Stan on our lunch date.


The last day thru Georgia and on to Little River (Myrtle Beach area) was the worst with 360 miles total and the last 100 on secondary roads with a lot of small towns. Takes about 3 days to unload after a long trip not to mention having to winterize the coach (25 degrees last night). Friday was Tee's first CT scan after surgery so there was a lot of scanxiety floating around. We meet with her surgeon on Wednesday to get the results. Then on Friday we meet with her head and neck surgeon for her monthly checkup from surgery to remove the tumor on her parotid gland. The weekend was recovery time so now it's catchup with email and regular mail.

A Tip To Remember--Just prior to departing Key West, I discovered a wiper blade with torn rubber--no replacement blades to be found anywhere since motorhome manufacturers always try to make it difficult. I remembered some Rain-X from several years ago so I treated the windshield just in case it might help if we encountered rain. As luck would have it, we had rain off and on for the first 2 days. MAGIC--not once did I have to turn the wipers on. Count me in as a believer!

Have a great day!

Tom & Tee

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Randy, went to FB and saw your valentine. Another holiday to wrench your heart.

I will tell you all, it took everything I have to let Tom post that fat picture of me. Oh well, that's life. They are great people though. I told Tom at the we should have had someone else take the pic so he could be in it. He wasn't having it lol.

Been working in the office all morning since I left here. Am beat. Going to go chill before I try to work out.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon everyone!

I was not on line this weekend, my oldest daughter came home for a visit. It was perfect timing as I am having a very hard time with Stephanie's passing. it has hit me very very hard.

So, the perfect medicine was cuddling on the couch with my girl, eating candy hearts and watching favorite movies.

Judy from MI put up another Carepage post, all about the naming of her oxygen tanks, too too funny. I needed to wake up to that positive energy today! (she named one Quashie, which is, I feel, a good "sign". The little guy I talk about sometimes on here, my friend's 4 year old who I love so much, his last name is Quashie!)

TomK I am so jealous that you not only got to go to Key West (it is on my "life list") but that you got to meet Judy in KW too! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, and I am going right out to buy some Rain-x because my wiper blades are always in disrepair!

This will be a slug week. I miraculously have no doctors appointments and a week off from the farm. I am going to organize photos, finish the sweater I am crocheting and finish the novel I am working on. In other words, a "me" week!

Peace - Janet

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Janet, I love that "me" day. I could relate to the organizing photos and finishing the novel, but the "sweater" I started 4 years ago was actually a chemo hat. Couldn't even finish that lol. I used to love knitting and crocheting. Don't know what happened.

Thanks Katie. You know I'll go the extra mile to meet a LCSC member but Tom and Tee were right here. Fabulous. Thanks for the compliment on the hat Diane. Wait til you see the other Kmart hat--very smart lol.

Judy in KW

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