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Wednesday's air


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Hi everyone. I thought I would open an air for today and say hello. As most of you know I have been home for nearly two weeks but been sick the whole time. I am finally starting to feel better but it takes a while to get back into things.

I hope all of you had a pleasant Valentine's day or if like me it is one of those days you want to forget that it passed more softly.

I will try to be back and get caught up but for now I have a lot of things to do. Take care everyone.

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Afternoon All! Thanks for opening Lily. With chemo all day tomorrow then only one day left to pack, I kind of got caught up in things this morning. Sorry you haven't been well. That changing climate thing can do that to you.

Here I thought I was becoming a computer dunce. Guess not, I hooked up my new USB locking station in less than an hour this morning. There were a couple of things (setting changes in the laptop) I had to work out on my own before I could get it right. I still am not turning on the external monitor at the right time to keep it going in energy saver mode. I already changed those settings but I think all I need to do is time it better. No big deal, I get it to work.

Janet, I laughed at you feeling sorry for those guys in the drugstore. Doesn't sound like they'll make a lot of points. I think a couple of boquets of flowers with the candy would do fine for most women. I saw the president doing an interview on Thur and he was reminding men--it's Valentine's Day. Don't forget it he said and his recommendation was "go big." Guess the guys in CVS didn't see that broadcast lol.

I have to go now. I've been way to busy today and need a break badly.

Judy in KW

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