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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Got a reprieve from walking because of the rain. Maybe later. But right now Stan is making french toast with some big fat raisen bread we got at the bakery yesterday.

Janet, good luck making friends with that rooster. In addition to our regular fowl on the farm, we also had a few banty chickens and roosters. Those little buggers were really mean. Of course when I was on the farm I never admitted to my fears. I can remember being questioned after going out to collect the eggs, "is that all there were?" I was not about to say I only collected the eggs on the empty nests. I wasn't about to reach under a sitting chicken lol.

Janet, I didn't know you've been on Tarceva. Did you get the crazy out of control eyelashes Ned and I got? Now I wish I had them. Must say, you do amaze me how much you can do in a given day. I only wish. So sorry about the appointment cancellation. Staff should be taught about the domino effect. I got a call this last visit in MDA that my onc would not be there. I saw the PA. What a let down giving it's an 8-9 hr drive each way only every 9 wks.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning all!

Janet, I'm picturing you teaching that rooster a thing or two and it's making me smile. I have no doubt you'll come out of this the winner! Judy. I would not have reached for eggs that had an occupied nest either. LOL.

KW I had to find a picture of my favorite way to eat French toast (which is really any way!). Anyway, yum! french-toast.jpg

I'm not on Traceva, as you know, but crazy, out of control eye lashes sound like a really good thing!

Janet, I understand about the schedule changes too. They change just one thing, and it starts a chain reaction of all the other things that have to change around it. It's a hassle.

I'm very lucky that a bunch of women at church are mobilizing for the beginning of chemo next week. They asked what I wanted, so I told them. I'm not shy about asking for help anymore. It's just Randy and I, and he can't be there for everything, so if they offer, I'm taking it, combind with a lot of gratitude for their kindness.

So I asked for a list of People that Can Give me Rides, whether that is to drop me off for chemo, and pick me back up, or taking me to a doctor appointment, or Gilda's Club, or whatever. How nice it will be to have this list!

The next list is People that have an hour to spare that could come over and move a couple loads of laundry, or dust, or other small projects that add up. Just knowing that some of these things are not piling up waiting for me to feel better is a great relief.

Next is People that can be on call for when Randy is out of town on business, or out for the day. This is more of a "nice to know it's there" kind of list. But maybe there are a couple of folks that don't have kids or other commitments that may be willing to be on call for whatever thing I may need.

Another one is People that would make a meal. I would not use this much, but I'm thinking about the rough days when Randy could use a break and I won't be feeling good enough to cook. Just knowing that a meal is in the freezer or was dropped off will provide comfort for both of us. I thought I'd start by having that done on chemo day. It's only every 3 weeks, but would be such a comfort to both of us.

So you get the idea. How amazing is it that there is a group of women from church that are willing to do this. Even more amazing for me is that it's available for me. I know so many who have no one. I used to be on these kinds of lists for people, and am glad I did. I'm not ashamed to ask for help if the helpers are there and willing. It's a blessing. A rare one.

So I'm off. The new oxygen supplier technician is coming out today to test me for on-demand oxygen. I think that would work better. I'm going through the little portables so fast, and I'm not even going out that much. I'm going to ask her about liquid oxygen, and refillable oxygen tanks as well. Now that I've been on it for a while, I know what questions to ask. I'm looking forward to this.

Next is pulmonary rehab. I have the packet of information, but haven't gone through it. I need to do that. I thought I'd wait until chemo is over, but they are trying to tell me to do it during chemo, that it will help a lot. I trust that is true, so I'll get on it today.

Ok, have a good day. It's another ridiculously sunny day. Supposed to get to 60!!!!! Yesterday the sun got so warm that I actually had to open a couple of windows! It was awesome.

MI Judy

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Judy, how wonderful you have the church ladies to call upon. It's just Stan and I down here and I am not good at asking for help. Consequently, I found myself in less than desireable situations more than once. I do know I can call on at least two people and hopefully if I'm in need again I will.

Got to do something in this computer today except charge my ipod for tomorrow and goof off. Hanging clothes and generally straightening my bedroom and doing laundry does not count in the office lol. Maybe if I reconcile one bank statement it will make me feel better. There is always Friday.

Judy in KW

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Judy and Judy, yes, I have the crazy eyelashes. I trim them at least once a week. But, they tend to grow very curly, (like a corkscrew) which makes triming them a difficult task. I have actually cut off one that was so curly when pulled straight it was 3 inches long! You would think crazy growing eyelashes was a good thing, but no. They hit my glasses lens when they get too long, and they curl back in and poke me in the eye, which is very painful. Also, they get so long and bushy, they actually get in the way of my eyesight! I find that constant trimming and copious amounts of mascara help. But, I am always afraid to trim too much for fear they will suddenly STOP growing! (and Judy in KW, yes, I have been on Tarceva for over 5 years now!)

As for the rooster problem. I am determinied to win the battle. I love the ducks too much for him to get in my way! Maybe no one has ever tried to be his friend? Maybe he is just jealous of the attention the ducks get? Or maybe he is just an old meany and will have to be put in a pen all by himself!!

Judy in MI it is nice you have such a circle of people to help. I have the same with my church friends. The drivers were especially appreciatted. The food however was an issue with me. People kept bringing it and bringing it, and so much went to waste. I said next time instead of casseroles a gift card for take out would be better!

Today the sun is shining and it is in the mid fifties. My daughter Lauren just arrived for a couple of days and our first crocus is blooming - God is good!

peace - Janet

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Hello ladies. Judy MI you are very blessed but you are recieving back some of what you have given. I am glad the help is there but hope you don't need it often. I was the caregiver and there were times when I would have needed someone to offer any one of those things. It could have made a big difference.

Judy KW if I lived close I would be there when you needed someone. I may not be able to do as much as I used to but I would sure try.

Judy I love your story about the rooster. When I was little we lived on a dairy and the owner was a big Swede named Mike. There was a rooster that just hated him. Whenever Mike would dare get into his territory that rooster would chase him up the haystack. Later I had a rooster that I raised from a chick. I could pick him up and hug him and he was so gentle, at least until one day my oldest son sat on the fence and kicked at him each time he got close. One day I was picking up eggs and had my youngest son with me. That rooster ran up and spurred him in the leg. It was a nasty hole and my pet rooster became a Sunday dinner. As for the ducks I hated them. We had so many animals and the first summer I lived in Louisiana it rained every day. I was feeding the animals. I didn't even mind slopping the pigs but those ducks were so nasty. They would mess and it would rain and I would go with food and those flat feet would spash all of if on me. I had to wash off outside with a hose before I could go in and take a shower. YUK

Well got to run, been keeping busy trying to make myself more heathy by exercise and walking. Still trying to finish writing the story of my trip. It seems like somehow I just have trouble concentrating on it. I am not sure if that is because I have so many other things to do or if it is because so many emotional things happened. Anyway I will try again. Have a great rest of the day everyone.

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