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Morning All! It's the last day of the work week for our laboring joes and janes. Hope you all have a great weekend planned, or just hanging out and chillin. That goes out especially to you Randy. Or do you work the weekend, can't remember.

I'm really behind responding to the delightful chatter the last couple of days having missed yesterday and the later posts on Wednesdays. I do have to say there is a widely differing opinion of ducks and roosters lol. I've talked to many people who have had ducks that were mean. I came to live on a dairy farm when I was 4 1/2. They had a duck also oddly named Judy. I was the baby of a family of five girls and heard many stories as I was older how Judy the duck became somewhat of an outdoor Nanny. Apparently I was giving to wandering around the barn area, sometimes going where I shouldn't go. Judy would take hold of whatever she could grab of my clothing and tug me away from where I should not be. I loved those stories even though I don't remember Judy at all.

Lily your rooster story tells me you can make them a friend if you get them when they are a baby. If not look out, they are not naturally friendly folk. Janet, I do believe you will psyche out that rooster and somehow triumph. Sounds like he can take the hard way or the easy way. Hope he takes the easy way and makes a friend of you.

Diane, hope you find that just right color for your house that your neighbors missed. And best wishes for continued mild sunny weather. Are you avoiding your office work too lol?

Judy, tell us--did you get to see any of those Northern lights they say you could see around the great lakes in Michigan? I don't know exactly where you are relative to where they indicated the lights were but do let us know if you did. Are you having chemo today or was that yesterday?

So glad I got thru this without whining about my lack of sleep last night. I'm getting the laundry done in spite of it. Will go for my shot around 2 pm and be done for the day.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 41 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 50. It's raining outside and more is on the way.

Rose and I rode 32 miles in the 40 mph wind gusts Tuesday, but I haven't been on the bike since. The wind just keeps blowing and now it's raining too.

The only thing I've done since then was when Rose and I went out and bought a new recliner last night. My old one was pretty ancient, and I wanted a bigger one since my dogs insist on joining me for all the TV watching I'm doing these days.

So we bought a 52 inch wide recliner. Rose says I look like one of those comedy skits where they're trying to look like a child in a giant chair when I sit in it......LOL. We brought it home and unloaded it ourselves, no small feat since she's not supposed to lift more than 10 pounds with her left arm and I'm not supposed to lift more than 5 pounds with my left arm.

Eric, I'm enrolled in a Pharmacy Technician program. They assist pharmacists, but it's a job that doesn't require nearly as much education as it does to become a real pharmacist. As drug dependent as our society in this country has become, there are lots of pharmacy technician jobs around, so I'm hoping to find work close to home, and less physically demanding work than I've been doing.

Have a great day, all!

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Bud, I laughed at the picture you painted with the big chair. We have one of those for R. He and 100 pounds of dogs fit in it just fine! LOL.

Judy the duck! I love it. She knew you were special when she heard your name! That is a cool story.

We did miss the Northern Lights but not because they were not here. We live 40 miles from Lake Michigan, and they reflect solar events really well. A lot of our friends saw them and said it was about a 45 minute light show that rivaled the best 4th of July firewords display. It was full of every color of the rainbow, and quite intense. I have no idea where we were, but we didn't even realize they were happening. Sheesh.

As for chemo, I don't start until next Wednesday, the 14th.

R is out for the evening at one of the Gilda's Club laughfest events. His company bought out the house for a dinner/comedy show tonight. It began with a strolling dinner at 5:30 and the show starts at 8:00 to 10:00. That is way too long of an event for me! So I went shopping today. I found these super soft, medium thick sweat shirts in bright and fun colors at Penny's. I bought 3 the last time. They were $5.00! So I went back and bought the other 3 colors. When I got home, I laid down for a late afternoon nap, and am now waking up with a cup of coffee.

If I don't nap, I sit in my chaise lounge and nod out all night, trying to hold off sleeping until later. I know if I fell asleep at 9:00, I'd be up at 3:00AM for the day. So I got in a nice one hour nap and am ready to rock and roll now! Well at least until 9:30PM. LOL.

MI Judy

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