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Thursday's Air


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Hi friends,

First on my mind these days when I log in here, is our Judy from KW. She is such a big presence here, and when she isn't here, I always wonder. I went to her FB page today and see notes from a few of us there, but can't find an update on her. I don't understand that FB Timeline thing, so I may be looking in the wrong place. IF anyone hears from her, would you please update all of us here? I miss her.

It's another beautiful day again. Very cold, but beautiful. The farmers have had to hire helicopters to fly over their fruit trees to force the warmer air to stay down with the blossoms, and not rise above them. I'm not an engineer, but I do know heat rises, and the warmth from the ground would be bound to rise as the temps drop at night. How interesting this is. I've never heard of it before, but it makes sense to me. The next time I sink my choppers into a big juicy apple, I will think about all the hard work that went into making it to my mouth!

Our little lake has a couple of swans living on it. I'm surprised because the lake is very deep, with little shore at all. It's like a giant meteor fell zillions of years ago and make this 85 foot deep hole, and it filled with water. The swans don't usually nest here because they like the shallow lakes where food is abundant and near the surface for them. These two seem to like it here. Our lake is also full of big giant turtles, so I hope their little babies get a chance to live.

I seem to be fascianted by Mother Nature these days eh? I think it's because I don't do much more than observe it as my days plod along. My immune system is weak, so I don't really have a lot of places I want to go to, and if I wanted to, I can't drive with the sleepies that I seem to have all the time. We're getting another blood test today to see what is up with that. I'd love to get more active, and think that would help in so many ways!

Anyway, need to go hit the shower and get ready! Hope you all have a wonderful day, and I have a question. If you were to wonder about something today, anything! What is it you would wonder about?

Judy in MI

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Good afternoon everyone! I had two long days in a row (one in the infusion chair and one helping my sister babysit her grandaughter) so today I stayed in bed until 11:30! I gave my self total permission, I played the cancer card!!

I am still, like all of us, very worried about Judy in KW. I have PMed her and she has not opened it yet, and several of us have written on her FB wall. I have talked about this with my daughter, that if I am too sick to come on here for an extended time, she is to come on for me and let you know. We should all make a plan like that so we know and don't have to worry so much. Does anyone have Judy's address?

I was so happy to see so many people come for some "air" yesterday! I am glad I got up the nerve to start it!

Ginny - it has been very dry here also causing several brush fires. A couple of weeks ago we lost 50 acres of state forest and this week there was one that stopped the commuter trains heading from Grand Central to CT. That was a mess. We got a tiny bit of rain last night, but not enough and it is looking a little grey today - so hopefully!

Diane - I agree that your cough could very well be allergies. I have had a hoarse throat for over a month and if I hadn't just had scans it would have me very worried too. So try to think positive - I know that is very hard, especially with scans 6 months apart - that is a looong wait. You are in my prayers for "happy" scans!!

Eric - The afternoon in the "back garden" sounds wonderful! (until the rain of course!) I thought about starting to clean up my back garden today, but the sun is not shining and it is a "wee bit" chilly! I live close to the water, so I get a chilly sea breeze.

Mike - When I had 3 young children I lived in a teeny 4 room house. I agree, the smaller the house, the harder to keep clean. First of all you see everything and secondly, there is no place to hide it!

Judy in MI - Hiring helicopters sounds like a very expensive proposition!! I am glad you have swans to watch. Our town is overrun with swans. Some rich person brought them in years ago and now there are so many they are considered a nuisance. Not by me. I love them. I think they are so beautiful and I love that they are monogamous, and they are such good parents. I can see them swimming in the tidal river outside my bedroom when I wake up in the morning, it is a wonderful way to start my day. I hope you are feeling better today!!

Hugs going out to Andrea. Hugs and prayers.

Today I am going to be a slug. I deserve it. I am going to cuddle up with Words with Friends, Draw Something, a good book and some crochet - some coffee and some chocolate. That will be my day!


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Judy - am glad your spirits seem good, but sorry you are having a tough time with the treatments. No one ever told me I couldn't drive, but I never felt well enough to think I should be. I was always so amazed by those that drove themselves everywhere and even continued working. It was all I could do to walk from the bedroom to the family room occasionally. I am glad you have the swans and mother nature to keep you company - sounds like a very special place. Our valley is mostly pears and grapes - and I know the pear orchards are really struggling this year with the cold temps we are getting at night. They use smudge pots in the orchards to try to keep the trees warm enough. Some of the smudge pots actually are pretty cool pieces of artwork - fun to look at. I saw one that looked like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz. They deal with this every year, but some years are worse than others. I think this is a tough one.

Judy and Janet - I know you are right about the cough, and I do have awful allergies, but . . . well you know how it is.

I hope someone can fill us in on how JudyKW is doing soon. She is missed even by those of us who are not so regular.

Eric - I know you are going to the Hope Summit in DC, but are you staying on the east coast this year, or heading off to do more exploring?

Janet - your day sounds absolutely perfect. I hope everyone else has a perfect day also!


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