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Sunday's Air


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Good Morning everyone,

Today (5:55 in the am) is starting out at 53 and expected to get up to 71 in central Ark today. I sure hate it when we have to use heat at night and A/C after the sun comes up. Have lake wind advisories from 7 am to 7 pm.

I have nothing special planned for today, how about you guys? I think I might eat some ice cream, Or maybe just go for a salad instead. Ice cream is the better tasting of the two, but salad is better for me. Such a conundrum! I know! Salad for lunch and ice cream for desert! Problem solved, lol.

Hope you all have a good day, with great weather!

Have a blessed day. See you in the funny pages!



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rain cold and wet and work ! Great Combo Huh??? Thinkin bout our friend Judy (Both of course!) as always!! get better soon ladies miss ya!!

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Good morning! it is chilly, grey and drizzly today. Seems like the perfect day to clean the house, but the pregnant miniature horse at the farm had her baby last night, so housework will wait while I go cuddle a baby horse!!

Sounds like much more fun, as does Ice cream over salad!!

Without my husband home I went to bed early, with a snack, my iPad and a"chick flick" on the tv. Stayed up til after two playing Draw Something and reading. it was wonderful!! of course, that meant I slept through church, but I will say my prayers at the farm today.

yesterday I wore a t shirt and had all the windows open, today is sweatshirt weather and a fire in the fireplace weather. (but we can't do that because a momma racoon has a nest full of babies in there!) I am gladI didn't put away the winter clothes yet!!

I hope everyone has a blessed day. prayers are with you all!


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Another sunny beautiful day here - that makes 3 in a row!! Have been digging out my summer things, but am hanging onto a few sweaters as I know we have more cool drizzle coming.

Getting a late start today, so will have to go to church at 5. I like the later services, but it always makes dinner a little more difficult. Dawn - I do like your idea of salad and ice cream :)

How wonderful to go spend time with a new foal. And how cute must a mini foal be. Sounds like a wonderful day.

Randy - am sorry you have our rain, but I sure am enjoying the break here.

I was very glad to see Katie's update this morning and glad Judy is getting to go home. I hope she will feel well enough to post soon. JudyMI - I hope you are feeling well today also. Am thinking of both of you.


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Good morning and I am so happy to hear an update on Judy. Judy you are in my prayers and thoughts always. Maybe you will be able to post once in a while. Just know that we love and miss you.

Diane I am loving this beautiful weater. This really is the best time because it is still not real hot here (100s to 100 teens) that we get later in the summer. Everything is still green and beautiful. The California poppies are blooming and the small thornless yellow roses are everywhere. Soon I will go out to city hall. Usually about the first week of May the roses are all in bloom and it is a spectacular sight.

Funny the conversation about salad and ice cream. We had our ice cream social yesterday evening so I had salad for my supper and ice cream for dessert. That is one of the advantages of living alone. No one can tell me that I am not supposed to eat just salad and ice cream :lol:

Diane I seem to remember us discussing getting together last fall when you came this way. Not sure if you were coming after I left or on the Thanksgiving when I was going to my nieces. I also had to change my username and password right about that time because I could't log in with the old one anymore. So as far as I know I will only be gone a couple of days in early May for my nieces memorial in the bay area and then in October I plan on spending a week there to visit with family and friends and attend my 50th high school reunion. I will probably leave on my anual trip to Louisiana late November depending on the fare because it changes and I chose the time that it doesn't cost so much. Anyway I hope that we can make a time to meet for coffee or lunch next time you are this way.

Dawn where do you live in Arkansas? I have family in El Darado and Jefferson, and Malvern and Little Rock. I am sure there is some in other places too but those are the ones that I know about. I used to have an aunt in Pine Bluff. My mom was born in Mississippi but raised in a small community in Hot Springs county but for the life of me I can't remember the name of that place right now.

Well exercise done and ready for lunch then the Giants baseball game. Later I will talk to my son and I hope my best friend from school. Sunday is always a very busy day between phone calls and time with my Bible and now I do my exercises too. Have a great one everyone and know that you are all in my prayers.

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